Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p78


Volume 4, Page 78

Jan. 1642; John, 3 Apr. 1647; Ambrose, 3 Aug. 1649; Sarah, 10 Jan.
1652; Rebecca, 21 Apr. 1654; Rachel, 4 Apr. 1656, wh. d. Dec. foll.;
Martha, 4 Dec. 1657, d. Nov. foll. and Ruth, 3 June 1660; was rep. 1660,
and his w. d. 3 June 1667. For sec. w. he had Sarah, wid. of Walter Abbot,
and d. 1680. No account of any of the ch. exc. Samuel, John, Mary,
and Elizabeth can be obtain. Elizabeth m. 10 June, 1656, Tobias Langdon, and
next, 11 Apr. 1667, Tobias Lear, had Elizabeth b. 11 Feb. 1669; Mary m. 21
Oct. 1658 Richard Sloper. HENRY, a counsell. of N. H. appoint. 1728,
wh. d. 29 Dec. 1757, aged 83, may have been neph. or more prob. gr.s of
the preced. JOHN, Portsmouth 1683, a br. of the first Henry, of the gr.
jury 1650, m. Elizabeth d. of Robert Tuck of Hampton had Henry, John,
Mary, and Elizabeth pray. for jurisdict. of Mass. 1653, and sw. alleg. 1656.
JOHN, Portsmouth 1683, perhaps s. of the first Henry, sign. addr. to
the k. against his Gov. Cranfield. SAMUEL, Hampton, prob. s. of the
first Henry, m. 15 Dec. 1668, Love, d. of John Hutchins of Haverhill,
had John, and, perhaps other ch. beside d. Love; sw. alleg. 1678, and
join. the petitn. against Cranfield in 1683; rem. to Portsmouth, and in
1691 was a capt. and k. 4 Aug. that yr. by the Ind. at Maquoit, near
Brunswick. His wid. Love d. at Kingston 1739, aged 94. WILLIAM,
Portsmouth 1644.

    SHERIN, ROBERT, came from London; in the Elizabeth, 1634, aged
32, perhaps sitt. down first with other fellow passeng. Sherman, Kimball,
Underwood, and others, at Watertown, but may soon have rem. to Ipswich,
and prob. is the same as Sherwin.

    SHERLOCK, JAMES, Portsmouth, a counsell. appoint. 1684, was
made by Andros, the royal Gov. of N. E. Sheriff of Suffk. 1687, and
imprison. by the patriots on overthr. of A.

    SHERMAN, ABIAH, Watertown, s. of Rev. John, freem. 1690, d. without
issue, says Cothren. BENJAMIN, Stratford, s. of the first Samuel of
the same, had, says Cothren, Job, Nathaniel, Enos, Benjamin, Samuel,
Timothy, and James; but C. gives no date to either, nor tells the name
of mo. nor d. of f. From more careful glean. I obt. some facts, as foll.
He m. 1683, Rebecca Phippeny, perhaps d. of James of S. wh. d. 1739,
and he d. 1741. BEZALEEL, Watertown, s. of Rev. John, prob. eldest,
aft. leav. coll. was m. and Bond marks his d. bef. 1685, leav. childr.
Perhaps his m. was in the East Indies, engag. in trade there, and mak.
his resid. abroad, as I infer from let. of Rev. John Higginson to his s.
Nathaniel at Madras, Aug. 1697, ask. "what has bec. of Bezaleel S.'s
w. and ch." See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 200. As no more is ever
heard of him, I conject. that he was then d. at least in the Catal. 1698
of the Magn. he is among the stars. DANIEL, New Haven, br. of the
preced. among the freem. in 1669, m. 28 Sept. 1663, Abiah, or Abigail,