Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p76

Volume 4, Page 76

m. 4 Aug. 1684, Sarah, wid. of Joseph French, d. of Roger Eastman,
had Sarah, b. 25 June 1686; Bethia, 13 Mar. 1688; Soloomon, 18 Apr.
1691; Israel, 7 Mar. 1694; and Jeremiah, 10 Aug. 1698. THOMAS,
Cambridge, s. of William, b. at Towcester, Co. Northampton, on 5
Nov. 1605 (gunpowder-plot day), bred at Emanuel, where he was matric.
1619, and had his degr. 1623, and 1627, preach. at Earls Colne in
Essex, fail. of success in first attempt to come hither in 1634, but next
yr. arr. 3 Oct. in the Defence from London, with w. Margaret Touteville
(a relat. of Sir Richard Darley), wh. had b. one ch. that d. soon; and
Thomas, b. at London, 5 Apr. 1635, bapt. Feb. aft. reach. Boston, H. C.
1653; but the mo. d. 1 Feb. bef. this solemnity. He m. next, Joanna,
eldest d. of Rev. Thomas Hooker, had Samuel, b. Oct. 1641, H. C.
1658; and John, 2 Apr. 1646; and this w. d. 28 of the same mo. He
m. 8 Sept. 1647, Margaret Broadale, had Jeremiah, 11 Aug. 1648, H.
C. 1669; was freem. 3 Mar. 1636, and d. 25 or 28 Aug. 1649. So well
employ. had been his short life, that loss of a publi. man in our country
was more lament. exc. that of Gov. Winthrop a few mos. bef. His wid. m.
Jonathan Mitchell, his successor in the pulpit. THOMAS, Charlestown, s.
of the preced. b. in Eng. just bef. emb. of his parents, ord. 13 Apr. 1659,
collea. of Rev. Zechariah Symmes, had m. 3 Nov. 1656, Hannah, d.of
William Tyng, had Thomas, b. 3, bapt. 4 July 1658, H. C. 1676; William,
24 June 1660, wh. d. bef. his f.; Hannah, 13 Sept. 1663; and
Margaret, 26 aug. 1666; and d. 22 Dec. 1677, of smallpox. His d.
Hannah m. 9 Nov. 1682, Daniel Quincy. THOMAS, Charlestown 1657,
b. in Eng. s. perhaps, of Ralph, liv. some yrs. at Medford or Malden,
and again at C.; m. 19 Nov. 1658, Hannah, d. of Thomas Ensign of
Scituate, had Thomas; Ralph, b. 1667; John; Jacob; Hannah; Isaac,
May, bapt. 23 July 1682; and, perhaps, others; but none, exc. Isaac,
prob. the youngest, was there bapt. for goodman Thomas did not join. the
ch. bef. 2 Sept. 1677. His w. d. 14 Mar. 1698; and he in few yrs. had
sec. w. Joanna, wh. outliv. him, and he d. at Milton, 29, as tells, but
town rec. says 26 Sept. 1719, aged 87. See Geneal. Reg. VI. 128.
His d. Hannah m. 13 Apr. 1681, Joseph Blanchard. THOMAS, Charlestown,
s. of Rev. Thomas of the same, began to preach 19 May 1678,
and was ord. success. to his f. 5 May 1680, freem. same yr.; m. 27 July
1682, wid. Mary Lynde, d. of John Anderson, but of wh. she was wid.
aft. dilig. inq. I am unable to discov. had Hannah, bapt. 29 Apr. 1683,
d. soon; and Hannah, again, 1 Feb. 1685; and he d. 8 Jan. foll. His
wid. m. next yr. Samuel Hayman, Esq. THOMAS, Charlestown, s. of
goodman Thomas, of the same, m. 7 Dec. 1682, Hannah, d. of George
Blanchard, had Hannah, bapt. 12 Aug. 1683; Sarah, 17 May 1685;
Mary, 13 Feb. 1687; Abigail, 17 Feb. 1689; Ruth, 11 May 1690;