Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p596


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Volume 4, Page 596

Nov. 1702, Mary, eldest d. of the sec. Henry Lunt, had Paine, b. 19
Sept. 1703, H. C. 1723 (wh. was. f. of Hon. Paine, b. 14 May 1639,
H. C. 1759, that long stood the oldest surv. in the Catal. and d. at Stratham,
7 Mar. 1838); sarah, 8 Dec. 1705; Mary, 14 June 1708;
Joshua, 7 Sept. 1710; Jane, 12 July 1712; Abigail and Ann, tw. June
1715; Martha, 30 Mar. 1718; Love, 4 Apr. 1720; Elizabeth 21 Nov.
1722; and John, 24 Jan. 1725, H. C. 1744. He was rep. 1722 and aft.
head of one of the comp. at the conquest of Cape Breton 1745, was aft.
a col. and d. 9 Feb. 1769; and his wid. d. 27 May 1772, aged 90.
OLIVER, from Bridgetown, Eng. Farmer says, was cast away at the Isle
of Shoals in 1664, and gives such good authority as Coffin, for the relat.
A mistake in geogr. of this sort, is not lightly to be imput. to the latter
of these writers, and still less to the former; but it can hardly be doubt.
that he should have writ. Barbadoes instead of Eng. for Bridgetown is
the chief mart of that island, and no place of the name is found in
Britain. It is almost equal to that of the writer in Geneal. Reg. VIII.
86, wh. would correct the descript. of the bark Bachelor from London,
of thirity-five tons, giv. by Winthrop in his Hist. I. 173, to the bark in wh.
Lion Gardiner came, 1635, when the Gov. as in his orig. MS. any one
sees, calls her "a small Norsey bark," meaning a Norwegian built, as to
me it seemed, while by the writer it is shown, that one of the patentees
of Conn. wh. fitted out this bark dwelt at Nosely, Leicesterhshire, in the
very centre of Eng. Whether the Bachelor could float in any of the
rivulets of the est. of Nosely, that may be thot. not to be deeper than
three of four inches, or in the head waters of the Avon, or the Welland,
beside those of the Soar, and a dozen inferior, young tributaries
of the Trent, springing in Leicestershire, that may be half as many
feet in depth, was not perhaps seriously consid. by the author. No
doubt they would serve for sailing to playthings of children. Farmer
notes five of his name among gr. of Harv. and none at any other coll.

    WINN, EDWARD, Woburn 1641, freem. 10 May 1643, by w Joanna
or Jane, wh. d. 8 Mar. 1649, had Increase, b. 5 Dec. 1641, the earliest
on rec. of the town; prob. earlier had Joseph; beside ds. Ann and Elizabeth
yet whether these were all b. in Eng. as seems prob. or only a part of
them brot. over by him, can be only conject, for no ment. of him at
Charlestown is found bef. Dec. 1640. For sec. w. he m. 10 Aug. 1649,
Sarah Beal, wh. prob. brot. him no ch. and d. 15 Mar. 1680. He took
third w. Ann or Hannah, wid. of Nicholas Wood, wh. bef. was wid. of
William Page; and d. 5 Sept. 1682. His will of 6 May of that yr.
pro. 6 Oct. foll. names s. Increase, s. Joseph's d. Sarah, three youngest
ch. of s. Moses Cleaveland, wh. had m. his d. Ann, and youngest three
ch. of s. George Polly, wh. had m. his d. Elizabeth His wid. made her will,