Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p57

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Volume 4, Page 57

1674; and wholly uncert. whence he came; and the spell. on rec. is
Sewill. Wide. spread the name has not been in our country, tho. none
more honor. for gr. in 1849 at Harv. count. twenty-two, none at Yale,
and one at Dart.

    SEWARD, CALEB, Guilford, s. of William, m. 14 July 1686, Lydia,
d. of the sec. William Bushnell of Saybrook, had Daniel, b. 1687, d.
next yr.; Lydia, 1689; Caleb, 1692; Thomas, 1694; Noadiah, 1697; rem.
to Durham, and had Ephraim, 6 Aug. 1700, the first b. of that town;
and Ebenezer, 1703. He d. 2 Aug. 1728; and his wid. d. 1753. EDWARD,
Ipswich 1637, may have gone home, and been a soldier in the gr.
civil war 1643, and was serv. in the garrison of Chichester, Co. Sussex,
when he made his will, giv. prop. to kinsm. and friends at Selsey and
Chichester, but he came to our country again, in 1650 was of Guilford,
and d. a few yrs. aft. GEORGE, Guilford, was one of the orig.
covenant. 1668 at Branford, rem. it is suppos. last to Newark, N. J.
Perhaps he was br. of William. JOHN, Guilford, eldest s. of William,
m. 25 June 1679, Abigail, eldest d. of the sec. William Bushnell, had
Abigail, b. 1680, d. young; John, 1682; William, 1684; Hezekiah,
1687; Abigail, again, 1689; Daniel, 1692; Deborah, 1694; Jedediah,
1696; and Temperance, 1698; and he d. 5 Dec. 1748, near. 95 yrs. old.
His wid. d. 1750. JOSEPH, Guilford, br. of the preced. m. Feb. 1681,
Judith, d. of the sec. William Bushnell, had Joseph, b. 1682, d. soon;
Judith, 1684; Mary, 1686, d. soon; Joseph, again, 1687; and Mary,
again, 1690; was a physician at Durham, and d. 14 Feb. 1731. His
wid. d. 1740. RICHARD, Portsmouth, d. 1663, leav. ch. and
ROBERT, Exeter 1639, perhaps was br. of the preced. and resid. of
Pourtsmouth 1649. ROGER, Boston 1655, a mariner. * WILLIAM,
Taunton 1643, whose name is by Baylies, II. 267, call. Edwards, was of
New Haven 1651, and m. 2 Apr. of that yr. Grace, d. of Thomas
Norton of Guilford, had Mary, b. 28 Feb. 1652; and soon aft. rem. to
G. there had John, 14 Feb. 1654; Joseph, 1655; Samuel, 20 Aug.
1659, d. young; Caleb, 14 Mar. 1662; Stephen, 6 Aug. 1664; Samuel,
again, 8 Feb. 1667, d. at. 22 yrs. in few days aft. his f.; Hannah, 8 Oct.
1670; and Ebenezer, 13 Dec. 1672; was a lieut. and rep. 1673 and 4,
had good est. and d. early in 1689, aged a. 62. His will was of 29 Mar.
of that yr. Mary m. John Scranton, but d. bef. her f. leav. three ch.;
Hannah m. Joseph Hand. Stephen outliv. his f. but d. without ch. bef.
his youngest br. wh. d. 19 Oct. 1701, by kick of a horse. Sometimes
this name is Seaward.

    SEXTON. See Saxton.

    SEYLE, FRANCIS, as giv. by Farmer for the freem. of 13 May 1640,
so print. by me in the earlier Ed. of Winthrop's Hist. and thus approv. by