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Volume 4, Page 557

THOMAS, Plymouth, was in his youth assoc. with the Leyden congregat.
1629, and came over, as I judge, in the Lion, 1632, emb. in June.
See 4 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 94, where the official docum. makes his name
Tobie W. But in comp. with Ashley he had come in the spring or 1630, and
prob. was sent home on tempora. confidential business by his employer.
That he was s. of Andrew, a D. D. of some celebr. with the Puritans, wh.
d. Dec. 1621, is suggest. to me by Mr. Thornton. See Bradford�s Hist.
p. 259-60. He m. 6 July 1636, Mary, d. of John Brown, one of the
Assist. that yr. wh. many yrs. aft. liv. at Swansey; had Mary, b. 10
Nov. 1637, wh. by the mem. of the Willet fam. in Geneal. Reg. II.
376, is said to have d. without issue, 11 Dec. 1678, but in my opin. m.
22 Sept. 1658, Rev. Samuel Hooker of Farmington, bore him eleven
ch. and after bec. sec. w. 10 Aug. 1703 of Rev. Thomas Buckingham;
Martha, 6 Aug. 1639, m. 2 Dec. 1658, John Saffin of Scituate; John,
21 Aug. 1641; Sarah, 4 May 1643, wh. m. Rev. John Eliot, s. of the
apostle, and d. 13 June 1665; Rebecca, 2 Dec. 1644, d. at 7 yrs.;
Thomas, 1 Oct. 1646; Esther, 10 July 1648, tho. Col. Rec. says 6 July
1647, m. 24 Jan. 1672, Rev. Josiah Flint of Dorchester, and d. 26 July
1737; James, 23 Nov. 1649; Hezekiah, d. inf. 26 July 1651; Hezekiah,
again, 17 Nov. 1653; David, 1 Nov. 1654, prob. d. soon; Andrew,
5 Oct. 1655; and Samuel, 27 Oct. 1658. He was entrust. with command
at the trad.-ho. of the Plymouth people at Kennebeck, 1639, and
Winthrop in Hist. I. 322, tells a pleasant incident of his peaceful control of
the Ind. He had been forcibly dispossess. some three or four yrs. bef.
of the establishm. at Penobscot. by D'Aulney, the French lieut.-gov. of
Acadia. See, in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 92 and 94, the relations of the
affair by the rival French officers, D'Aulney and La Tour. He was an
Assist. 1651 to 1664, and when the Eng. conq. N. Y. he accomp. them,
and was made mayor. Not long aft. however, he went back to his first
friends, took sec. w. 1 Sept. 1671, Joanna, wid. of Rev. Peter Prudden,
resid. at Rehoboth, and Swanzey, d. at the latter 3, the gr.-st. says 4
Aug. 1674. The inscript. on the of the wid. (HIS ONLY W.)
says she d. 8 Jan. 1699, a. the 65th yr. of her age, wh. proves how
errors may be found in such places, as she could only be 5 yrs. old
when her first ch. by Prudden was b. Prob. the yr. of d. was 18 yrs.
earlier. See Prudden. What could explain the error of her that
she was the only w. is difficult to conject. Commonly we look to such
muniments of history for a different sort of failures in truth. Perhaps
only was error for sec. The brief mem. in Geneal. Reg. II. 376, corrects
some current mistakes, but makers some others. THOMAS, Newtown,
L. I. s. prob. of the preced. d. bef. his f.

    WILLEY, ABRAHAM, New London, s. of Isaac the first, m. Elizabeth d. of
Thomas Mortimer, d. at Haddam 1692, leav. wid. Elizabeth and ch. Thomas,
then aged 7 1/2 yrs.: Abraham, 5 1/3 yrs.; and Jane, 2 yrs. ALLEN,
Boston, call. husbandman, when rec. into the ch. 2 Nov. 1634, as was
his w. Alice on the Sunday foll. but no more is kn. EDWARD, Boston,