Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p493


Volume 4, Page 493

1639, and aft. at Kittery, m. 25 Dec. 1663, Esther Hodsden, perhaps d.
of Jeremiah. His ho. was burnt by the Ind. 1677. JAMES, perhaps of
Dover, d. 1678, leav. says Farmer MS. w. Mary, and ch. William,
George, James, and Elizabeth NICHOLAS, Dorchester, a soldier in Johnson's
comp. in Philip's war, Dec. 1675. ROBERT, Kittery, came from
Dartmouth, Co. Devon, as early, says Farmer, as 1652. One Titus W.
from Virg. was found d. at Plymouth 1656. WILLIAM, N. H. br. of
Robert, says Farmer, MS. d. 1654. WILLIAM, Dover, perhaps s. of
James, had Reuben, b. 14 June 1686; William, 10 Sept. 1689; Robert,
15 Feb. 1692; Joshua, 11 June 1695; Tabitha, 14 Oct. 1698; and
Samuel, 13 Oct. 1701.

    WHALE, PHILEMON, Sudbury 1646, freem. 10 May 1648, m. 7 Nov.
1649, Sarah Cakebread, d. of Thomas, wh. d. 28 Dec. 1656; and he
m. 9 Nov. foll. Elizabeth Griffin, perhaps d. of Hugh; but whether he had
issue by either w. is unkn. and he d. 21 Feb. 1676. SAMUEL, Kingston,
R. I. only s. of Theophilus of the same, had two ws. first a Hopkins,
next, a Harrington, as Potter reports; and that his ch. were
seven, Thomas, Samuel, Theophilus, James, or Jeremy, John, and two
ds. and that he d. a. 1782. THEOPHILUS, Kingstown, R. I. came from
Virg. with w. Elizabeth a. 1676, had Joan, Ann, Theodosia, Elizabeth Martha,
Lydia, and Samuel; but it thot. that if not more, the eldest two were
b. in Virg. Great uncertainty attaches to almost every thing he said or
did, as is found oft. in regard to those wh. emig. from a dist. country,
and liv. to gr. age. Potter says he knew Hebrew, Greek, &c. and d. a.
1719 or 20, aged a. 104. It would have been strange, if more than one
myth had not sprung out of his grave. My first exercise of caution
would be to examine the means of reducing his yrs. by 20 or near, for
his only s. it is said, d. a. 1728, and it is quite improb. that when he was
b. the f. was much beyond 70. Beside that his w. d. 8 or 10 yrs. bef.
her h. Dr. Stiles in the exuberance of conject. that the requisite to
sustain his credulity, supposes he may have been one of the regicides.
But we kn. the names of all wh. acted in that tragedy, as well as of
those wh. were nominat. and declin. to act. or withdrew, as did sev. aft.
participat. some hours in the mockery of trial, bef. its end, among all of
wh. is not that of Theophilus Whale. One of those misguid. men
would have resort. to any other part of the world. sooner than to

    WHALEY, GEORGE, Cambridge, by w. Catharine, had George, b. 19
Apr. 1653.

    WALLEY, EDWARD, Hadley, one of the gr. officers wh. had fought
in the civil war, and serv. Cromwell more aft. it, first in the pretended