Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p484


Volume 4, Page 484

    WENTOM, EDWARD, Kittery, submit. to jurisdict. of Mass. in Nov.
1652. Col. Rec. IV. pt. I. 129.

    WENTWORTH, BENJAMIN, Dover, s. prob. youngest of William, by w.
Sarah Allen, m. a. 1697, had William, b. 14 Aug. 1698; Sarah, 16
Apr. 1700; Tamasin, 4 Jan. 1702; Benjamin, 5 Dec. 1703; Ebenezer,
9 Sept. 1705; Susanna, 9 Dec. 1707; Joseph, 22 Dec. 1709, Elizabeth 8
June 1712; Dorothy, 26 July 1714; Martha, 25 July 1716; Abra, 14
Feb. 1718; and Mark, 30 May 1720; and was drown. in the summer
of 1728. EPHRAIM, Dover, br. perhaps youngest, of the preced. m.
Mary, d. of Ephraim Miller, had sev. ch. but the geneal. in the Reg.
IV. 327, owing to the lateness of bapt. in that ch. of sev. adults, so
that gr.childr. seem to be confus. with childr. was exceeding. difficult, and
elud. the persever. dilig. of Hon. John W. of our day, wh. suppos. him
to be the man, whose will of 16 Mar. 1738, was pro. 29 June 1748.
EZEKIEL, Dover, perhaps fourth s. of Elder William, by w. Elizabeth thot.
confident. to be d. of Ezekiel Knight of Wells, was taxable at D. 1672,
had six s. and two ds. prob. the foll. Paul, Thomas, John, Gershom,
Elizabeth Tamosine, William, and Benjamin, wh. is presum. to be the youngest,
bapt. Sunday, 25 Nov. 1722, as capt. Benjamin W. and d. 1714.
GERSHOM, Dover, perhaps third s. of William, taxable 1670, m. 18
Mar. 1696, Hannah French of Salisbury, there had Mary, b. 14 May
1697; Samuel, 5 Dec. 1699; soon aft. went again to D. there had Ezekiel,
4 Feb. 1702; and Gershom, 4 Apr. 1705; and John, wh. was k.
by the Ind. at Rochester, with three others, 27 June 1746. He was
deac. 1717, had good est. and d. 2 Mar. 1731, at Somersworth. JOHN,
Dover, perhaps sec. s. of Elder William of the same, tax. 1668, sw.
fidel, next yr. with his elder br. rem. 1675, or earlier, to York, there m.
Martha, d. of Ephraim Miller of Kittery, had sev. ch. but where b. or
when, can hardly he made out with any satisfact. From York he rem.
to Falmouth, and betw. the first and sec. destr. of that town, i. e. a.
1685, his s. Charles was b. but an elder one, John, had been b. perhaps
at Kittery or York, some time a. 1677. From the doomed Falmouth, in
the gr. East, war, he had rem. to Dorchester, and spent the resid. of his
days in the part since call. Canton, and there Edward, Shubael, Elizabeth
and Abigail, or most of the four may have been b. He was d. bef. Jan.
1710, when his wid. Martha, gave receipt in full to Judge Sewall, for
all she had ever done for the Punkipaug Ind. Compare the discord.
reports that the unwearied genealog. of the fam. (the Mayor of Chicago)
had to encounter in Reg. IV. 327, VI. 213, and VIII. 246. PAUL,
Dover, s. of William of the same, tax. there 1682, sold his est. at D.
says the fam. acco. 15 Apr. 1696, then call. hims. of Newbury, but Mr.