Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p48

Volume 4, Page 48

Ann had Jonathan, b. 17 Sept. 1710; Ann, 17 Sept. 1712; and
Dorothy, 24 Jan. 1715. THOMAS, br. prob. of the preced. m. Rebecca,
d. of Stephen Willis, may have liv. at Lynn.

    SEDGWICK, ROBERT, Charleston 1636, prob. came 1635 in the
Truelove, aged 24, tho. in the custom-ho. rec. the name appears Jo. inst.
of Ro. join. the ch. with w. Joanna, on 27 Feb. 1637, and was made
freem. 9 Mar. foll. when he was appoint. capt. for the town by our Ct.
and chos. next mo. rep. and aft. for sixteen Cts. more. His neighb.
capt. Edward Johnson, in Wonder work. Provid. c. 26 of book ii., the
most valua. of that curious vol. assures us, that he was "nurst up in
London's Artil. garden;" and our rec. show, that he was one of the
found. of our art. co. 1638, its capt. 1640, command. of the castle 1641,
head of the regim. of Middlesex 1643, and last. maj.-gen. of the Col.
soon aft. call. by O. Cromwell to milit. serv. with John Leverett (aft. our
Gov.) for his sec. and bef. long time sent to Jamaica, recent. conquer.
There he d. 24 May 1656. Joanna, the Gen.'s wid. was liv. 1667 at
Stepney, near London. By her he had Samuel, bapt. 31 Mar. 1639;
and Hannah, 14 Mar. 1641; beside William, and Robert, wh. prob.
were his ch. and Sarah, b. certain. in Eng. as may have been these s.
Certainty is beyond our reach, bec. rec. of town is imperfect, and the
ch. rec. of bapt. from 20 Sept. 1642 to 4 July 1658 is a total. sad blank
space. Our Charlestown soldier, in letters of Nov. 1655, pray. leave to
come from Jamaica to London, recommends his w. and five ch. to the
kindness of the Lord Protector, and we have only to regret, that his
pathetic appeal was disregard. Frothingham, 135-9, is copius and
correct. Sarah bec. sec. w. of Gov. Leverett. Whether she were sis.
or d. might be disput. and this point that Mather ought to have elucidat.
is confus. by him. Yet high is the prob. if her d. 2 Jan. 1705 is accomp.
with correct statem. that she was 74 yrs. old, that she was b. in Eng.
and was eldest ch. of the disting. soldier. ROBERT, Charlestown, s. of
the preced. as confident. is presum. b. prob. in Eng. by w. Sarah had
William, b. 9 June 1676; and Sarah, 19 Dec. 1677. He d. on a
return voyage from Jamaica, leav. trifl. est. of wh. admin. was giv. to
his wid. Sarah, 26 Apr. 1683. SAMUEL, br. of the preced. was of
Charlestown not long, but chief. liv. at London, had w. Elizabeth prob. hoped
to obt. some reward for serv. of his f. but long bef. his m. he was witness
to the will, 17 June 1657, of Jonathan Wade of our Ipswich, then at L.
and it is curious, that his signature was pro. in Eng. by his wid. 1 Dec.
1683, then aged only 33 yrs. and she says he was her h. six yrs.
"Citizen and clothworker of London," he calls hims. in a deed of 20
May 1667, whereby he sold his ho. and ld. in C. to Francis Willoughby.
SAMUEL, Hartford, only ch. of William of the same, m. 1689, Mary, d.