Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p431

Volume 4, Page 431

and 91 inclus. WILLIAM, Boston, prob. came in the fleet with Winthrop
with w. Alice, was adm. of our ch. the first yr. their names being Nos.
35 and 6. As no more is heard of either, I conclude they d. soon, or
went home.

    WATERHOUSE, oft. WATERUS, ABRAHAM, Saybrook, s. of Jacob of
New London, by w. Rebecca, m. 1647, d. of capt. John Clarke of the
same, had Abraham, b. 23 Dec. 1675; Rebecca, 20 Sept. 1677; Isaac,
17 Apr. 1680; John, 3 Nov. 1682; Joseph, 12 July 1690; and Benjamin,
17 Feb. 1693; and h is w. d. 14 Oct. 1704. DAVID, Boston 1679,
then of ar. co. was a warm patriot in thee outbreak of 1689 against
Andros, one of the signers of the energet. letter 18 Apr. requir. the
Gov. to give up his authty. and forts, and serv. in the Comtee. of Safety;
but aft. the restorat. of quiet, we hear no more of him. ISAAC, Lyme,
eldest s. of Jacob the first, made freem. 1671, m. 20 Apr. 1670, Sarah,
d. of William Pratt of Hartford, had Eliz. b. 22 Mar. 1672; Sarah, 24
Feb. 1675; Gideon, 20 Aug. 1678; Isaac, 29 Jan. 1681; Jabez, 16
Mar. 1683; Samuel, 21 July 1685; Ruth, 31 July 1687; Rebecca, 28
Aug. 1693; and Gershom, 30 Mar. 1696; and d. 7 Oct. 1713. His wid.
d. 8 Dec. 1725. JACOB, New London 1645, had, bef. that town was
sett. liv. in Wethersfield 1639, yet from what town in Mass. he went
is unkn. by w. Hannah had Isaac, Jacob, Abraham, John, Joseph, Benjamin,
wh. d. abroad in the hands of pirates, as tradit. says, and Eliz.
wh. m. John Baker. JACOB, New London, s. of the preced. m. Ann,
d. of Robert Douglas, and had John, William, Robert, Joseph, and
Gideon. JOHN, New London, br. of the preced. a soldier in the gr.
Narraganset fight, Dec. 1675, d. 1687, leav. Jacob, an inf. his only ch.
Caulkins, Hist. of N. L. 295. Of this Conn. tribe the name has been
abbrev. to Watrous, sometimes Waterus. RICHARD, Boston 1672, a
tanner, may have rem. to Portsmouth, by w. Sarah, had Richard, b. 19
Apr. 1674; Samuel, 9 May 1676; and perhaps others; was one of the gr.
jury 1688. THOMAS, Dorchester 1639, a sch.-master, freem. 13 May
1640, by w. Ann Mayhew, d. of John, m. at Codenham, in Co. Suffk.
had Ann b. here, bapt. 7 Mar. 1641. Mr. Hunter in his Suffk. emigr.
3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 169, shows him to have been a clerg. serv. as
curate at C. and that on hear. of d. of br. of his w. by wh. est. came to
her, he went home, had six more ch. was sch.-master some time, and
min. at the Bocking, Co. Suffk. eject. by the Act of Uniform. 1662,
and d. at the age of almost 80, in the yr. 1679 or the next.

    WATERMAN, JOHN, a passeng. in the Jonathan, arr. at Boston 1639,
of wh. I kn. no more but that his pass. was paid by Peter Noyes of
Sudbury, and therefore we may suppose him a serv. JOHN, Marshfield,
s. of Robert of the same, m. 7 Dec. 1665, Ann, d. of Samuel Sturtevant,