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Volume 4, Page 377

battery, wh. he own. I think, 1662, rem. in old age to Swanzey, and d.
1686. His will of 3 Jan. 1682 provides handsomely for the wid. Elizabeth
would have his corpse inter. at Rehoboth, and gives part of his est. to
six ch. of the first w. of wh. he ment. that Nathaniel was blind. Mary
m. 26 Jan. 1659, John Sunderland; and Hopestill m. 1 July 1659,
William Shute. JOHN, Boston, s. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Nathaniel
, had Elizabeth b. 12 Nov. 1682; and no other ch. on rec. join.
Mather's ch. 9 Apr. 1682, and was freem. Feb. foll.

    WACOMBE or WACKHAM, THOMAS, Portsmouth 1684, d. or his will
was pro. 1709. He left wid. Mary.

    WADDELL or WODEL, GERSHOM, Portsmouth R. I. only s. of William
of the same, m. a d. of John Tripp of the same, had William, Richard,
Return and Gershom, beside ds. Sarah, Mary and Innocent; but no
date of the b. of either or of his d. can be found. * WILLIAM, Warwick,
one of the comp. of Gorton, tak. Nov. 1643, and imprison. at Watertown,
by the governm. of Mass. After liberat. he went to Portsmo. R. I. and
there most of the residue of his days resid. and fill. import. offices, down
to 1690. By w. Mary, he had Mary, b. Nov. 1640; Gershom, 14 July
1642; Sarah, Oct. 1644; Alice, 10 Feb. 1650; and Frances, 6 July
1652; and his w. d. 23 Mar. 1676. His will of 7 Oct. 1692, pro. 2
May foll. makes date of his d. nearly to be estimat. Mary m. Daniel
; Sarah m. 1667, John Sanford; Alice, m. 26 Dec. 1671, Abraham
; and Frances m. 23 Nov. 1669, John Anthony. * WILLIAM,
Portsmouth R. I. s. prob. of Gershom, yet perhpas of the preced.
m. 10 Feb. 1681, Ruth, d. of George Lawton the first, and d. 6 Jan.
1699, aged 36 as says the Portsmouth rec. wh. gives no ch.

    WADDOCK, HENRY, Saco, wh. was of the gr. jury 1645, own. alleg. to
Mass. 1653, as in Col. Rec. IV. part I. is the same person nam. Maddocks
or Mattocks, and wh. is better spelling, I dare not undertake to
decide, without personal inspect. of the initial letter in the orig. When
Paige and Shurtleff agree in read. ancient record, it may be safe eno. to
follow. The strangeness of such a name might decide it adversely to
the W. but the diligence of Folsom, in his admir. hist. of Saco, 124, shows
that the exact turth of the patronymic is Warwick. See that.

    WADE, HENRY, Hingham 1652. * JONATHAN, Ipswich, had come in
1632, in the Lion, arr. 16 Sept. perhaps with w. Susanna, and sat down
at Charlestown, was a merch. and with his w. rec. into the ch. 25 May
1633, freem. 14 May 1634, aft. 1636 rem. to Ipswich, was of gr. jury
1637, and 200 acres gr. in 1639, and 400 more in 1649, but for a claim
on acc. of £60. put into the common stock by his br. Thomas of Northampton
in Eng. could not gain part of Plum isl. as he desir. was rep.
1669, 81 and 2, had Mary, bapt. at C. Oct. 1633; Jonathan; Sarah;