Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p360


Volume 4, Page 360

May 1684. PETER, came in the Rebecca 1635, from London, a husbandman,
aged 22; but I hear no more of him. THOMAS, Hingham,
br. of Joseph, freem. 9 Mar. 1637, was rep. 1637 and 48; rem. to Watertwon,
there was selectman 1656, d. 1668, his will of 15 Feb. pro. 7 Apr.
of that yr. gave to w. Magdalan for life, and remain. to Thomas, s. of his
br. Joseph, so that we infer, that he had no ch. The wil d. 10 Apr. 1687,
ageed 80. THOMAS, Watertwon, s. of Joseph the first, had w. Magdalen,
but she seems to have been his sec. w. and to her, by his will of 19 July
1679, he gave most of his prop. and resid. to his only s. Thomas, prob.
by the first w. See Bond, 610. Very observ. is it that both uncle and
neph. had ws. with unusual Christian name, wh. is very rare
occurr. WILLIAM, Concord, m. wid. Pellet, mo. of Thomas, had Remembrance,
b. 25 Feb. 1640; freem. 1650; rem. to Chelmsford as one of
the first sett. there, had Deeborah, 1653; Samuel, 14 Feb. 1656, bapt. 20
Apr. foll. but he may have had more bef. rem. as Sarah, 1642; Priscilla,
1647; and Aquila, wh. d. 17 June 1657, eight yrs. old.

    UNTHANK, CHRISTOPHER, Warwick, among the freem. there in 1655,
had first beeen of Providence. Susanna was his w. and the only ch. of
wh. we hear was Mary, wh. m. Job Almy.

    UPDIKE, GILBERT, Newport, came, it is said, in 1664, from New York,
m. a d. of Richard Smith of Narraganset, had Lodowick, a. 1666, wh.
was f. of Daniel, a man of distinct. in R. I. a century ago. JAMES, a
soldier, perhaps from Dorchester or Milton, serv. in Mosely's comp. Dec.
1675, bef. the great Narraganset fight.

    UPHAM, JOHN, Weymouth, came, as is thot. with Rev. Joseph Hull,
certain. was freem. on th same day with him, 2 Seept. 1635, was rep.
1636, 7, 8, and 9, had John, wh. was bur. 5 June 1640, and perhaps
others, certain. Pricilla, b. 1642. But he had prob. brot. from Eng.
Mary, b. perhaps 1628; Elizabeth 1630; Nathaniel, 1632; Hannah; and
may have had soon aft. arr. Phineas, 1635. These were by w. Eliz. but
bef. 1650 he rem. to Malden, favor. the cause of Marmaduke Matthews
in 1652, and his w. d. late in 1670, or early next yr. took, in Aug. 1671,
sec. w. Catharine, wid. of Angel Hollard of Boston, as we learn by his
deed of relinquish. all her prop. was deac. 24 yrs. and d. 25 Feb. 1682,
ageed 84, sasys the Mary m. John Whittemore; Elizabeth m. Thomas
Welsh; Hannah m. a Long. whose bapt. name is not seen; but Bond,
959, makes her first m. I think, erron. William Ballentine; and Pricilla
m. Thomas Crosswell. JOHN, Malden, "a poor, friendless child" coming
from Barbadoes, a. 4 yrs. old, with John Upham of B. (wh. d. on the
voyag, oct. 1652), had been adopt. by him, d. at Charlestown, 25 Nov.
1677, was engag. to m. Elizabeth d. of John Mousal, and gave her all his
prop. exc. a musket to young Phineas U. JOHN, Malden, s. prob. of