Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p338


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Volume 4, Page 338

18 Nov. 1677; and Mary, 7 Oct. 1683; and he d. 12 Sept. 1687.
WILLIAM, Milford, a propr. bef. 1675, rem. a few yrs. aft.

    TUCKER, ABRAHAM, and JOHN, early proprs. of Dartmouth, may have
been s. often of Sandwich. ANDREW, Marblehead 1663, was perhaps
s. of Nicholas, and may be the man whose name in the petitn. of Marbleheaed,
1668 is giv. Stocker in Geneal. Reg. IX. 82. BENJAMIN, Roxbury,
s. of Robert, had Benjamin, b. 8 Mar. 1671; Jonathan, 14 May
1675; Ephraim, 16 Aug. 1677, Ebenezer, 10 Oct. 1679; Mary, 7 Aug.
1682; Edward, 8 Aug. 1684; and by w. Amy, says the rec. tho. she
may have been mo. of all the preced. had Joseph, 2 Nov. 1686; and by
w. Ann, wh. I think the same, as the rec. is very careless, had Elizabeth 20
Dec. 1683. He d. 27 Feb. 1714, aged a. 60, as the gr.stone tells. BENONI,
Salisbury, eldest s. of Maurice, m. June 1686, Ebenezer, d. of
Thomas Nichols, strange as the rec. reads, had Ebenezer, b. 31 Mar.
1687; Benjamin, 12 Jan. 1690; Nathaniel, 12 Nov. 1692; Elizabeth 24 Mar.
1695; and Mary, 4 May 1697. EPHRIAM, Milton, s. prob. of Robert of
the same was freem. 1678 and perhaps had w. and ch. GEORGE, Marblehead
1653, a fisherman. HENRY, Sandwich, by w. Martha, had as the
Friend's rec. at Newport tells, Abraham, b. 30 Oct. 1653; John, 18 Aug.
1656; Martha, 14 July 1659; Hannah, b. 25 July 1662; James, 16 Mar.
1666; Mary, 16. Aug. 1668; Sarah, 20 Sept. 1674. Mary m. 9 May
1690, Samuel Perry of Kingstown. But the Perry geneal. calls Tucker
of Dartmouth; and certain. Abraham and John, prob. his s. were proprs.
of D. JAMES, Milton, perhaps br. of Ephraim, m. Rebecca d. of Thomas
Tolman, had, in 1678 a suit with the town of Dorchester, wh. gather. from
him and others taxes, wh. the Gen. Ct. req. the town to repay. Prob. he
had James, and perhaps others. JAMES, of some part of New Hampsh.
perhaps Portsmouth or Dover, in each were fams. of the name, in 1689,
when he join. other friends of liberty, in addr. the governm. of Mass. to
protect them. JOHN, Watertown, 1636, a propr. perhaps the same
man was next yr. at Hingham, propr. in ea. town, m. June 1649 wid.
Norton, it may be as his sec. w. and d. 5 Aug. 1661, making nuncup.
will in favor of John, and Mary, his ch. with injunct. to deal righteous.
by the mother, meaning, I suppose, the stepmother, Ann, his wid. His
d. Mary (by the former w.) to wh. Thomas Johnson and his w. Margaret
gave all their prop. had bef. 30 Oct. 1662, m. Joseph Church.
JOHN, Boston, by w. Sarah had Elizabeth b. 5 Feb. 1652; John, 8 Oct.
1655. JOHN, Isle of Shoals, fisherman, by his will of 31 Oct. 1670, gave
small sum to his. min. Thomas Wells of Kittery, and bestow. the rest on
John Amerideth and Joanna his w. and as the inv. of Apr. foll. was of
so considera. amt. as �74, we may infer. that he had no w. nor ch.