Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p313


Volume 4, Page 313

Copp; and Patience m. 27 Mar. 1667, Nathaniel Homes. Sometimes it
was writ. Tapliff by wh. prob. came the error of Tapley. SAMUEL,
Dorchester, s. of the preced. freem. 1673, by w. Patience had Mehitable,
b. 29 Aug. 1673, d. soon; Samuel, 19 Aug. 1675, d. at 19 yrs.; Patience,
24 Jan. 1677; Thankful, 22 Feb. 1679; Jonathan, 23 Sept.
1682, d. at 18 yrs.; Waitstill, 6 Nov. 1684; Joseph, 24 Apr. 1687;
Ebenezer, 14 Feb. 1689, d. at 32 yrs.; Nathaniel, 7 Sept. 1692; Samuel,
30 May 1695; and Sarah, 4 Nov. 1698; was deac. 9 yrs. and rul.
elder 21 yrs. aft d. 10 or 12 Oct. 1722, and his wid. d. 8 Sept. 1728, in
her 76th yr. and one acco. says aged 76.

    TOPPAN, or TOPPING. See Tappan.

    TORREY or TORIE, JAMES, Scituate, lieut. in 1640, m. 2 Nov. 1643,
Ann, d. of Elder William Hatch, had James, b. 3 Sept. 1644; William,
15 Mar. 1647, prob. d. young; Joseph, 18 Mar. 1649; Damaris, 26
Oct. 1651; Jonathan, 20 Sept. 1654; Mary, 14 Feb. 1657; Josiah,
1658; Sarah, 9 Feb. 1661; Joanna, 4 May 1663; and Bethia, posthum.
1665. What was the day of his d. is unkn. JAMES, Scituate, eldest ch.
of the preced. m. 1666, Lydia, only d. of William Wills or Willis, as
Deane shows, but of issue says nothing, and had sec. w. m. 1679, Eliz, d.
of Nathaniel Rawlins; and he had ano. w. or perhaps it was the same,
wh. in Dorchester gr.yard by the name of Eunice, wid. of deac. James,
d. there 15 Oct. 1732, in her 72d yr. wh. agrees with the age of the d. of
Rawlins JONATHAN, Weymouth, prob. s. of William the first, by w.
Ruth, d. of George Fry of the same, had Mary, b. 25 Sept. 1675; Ruth,
17 Aug. 1679; Ann, 3 Mar. 1682; Jonathan, 24 May 1684; Joshua,
11 Nov. 1690; and perhaps others, where the rec. is defect. JOSEPH,
Rehoboth 1643, went to Newport in 1654 or earlier, was on the freemen's
list 1655; with an assoc. met Dennison and Danforth, Mass.
Comsnrs. in 1664 at Rehoboth, a. some quest. of jurisdict. was a lieut.
and in 1670 sent with John Greene and others as comsnrs. to adjust
bounds with Conn. rul. elder of the ch. of John Clark, at the time of his
d. 1676. Perhaps he m. a d. wh. may have been the eldest, of that
John Greene, as by the Geneal. I have seen. JOSIAH, Medfield, freem.
1683, was perhaps, s. of James the first of Scituate. MICAJAH, Weymouth,
s. of the first William of the same, freem. 1672, by w. Susanna
had Micajah, b. 27 July 1673; Mary, 22 Mar. 1681; Susanna, wh. d.
29 Oct. 1687; Samuel, 15 Jan. 1688; and perhaps others, not found on
imperf. rec. PHILIP, Roxbury, from Combe St. Nicholas, Co. Somerset,
near Chard, in the edge of Devon, was freem. 1644, m. 1 Oct. 1647,
Mary, wid. of John Scarborough, had Joseph, b. 2, bapt. 15 July 1649;
Jonathan, 16, bapt. 22 June 1651; and Mary, 2, bapt. 9 Apr. 1654; and
d. a. 12 May 1686. In Mar. 1674, aged 59, he testif. that he came