Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p274

Volume 4, Page 274

strains in Latin and Greek by an Ind. youth nam. Eleazer, then student
in the senior class at Harv. the Eccles. Histor. with his aptitude for
error, makes it 18 Oct. Still his life is one of the best in the vol. tho.
Eliot has judiciously curtail. it by four fifths. His wid. d. 23 or 4 Feb.
1694, as town rec. and Sewall's Diary tell. Patience m. William Kemp.
THOMAS, Boston, merch. eldest s. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Thomas
Savage, had Elizabeth b. 26, bapt. 31 Dec. 1671; Thomas 25, bapt. 28 Sept.
1673; John, 22, bapt. 24 Jan. 1675; Peter, bapt. 26 Aug. 1677, H. C.
1696; and Mary, 28 Jan. bapt. 1 Feb. 1680. He d. 2 Apr. 1686, and
his wid. d. 22 July 1730, giv. all her prop. to s. Peter wh. was min. of
Weymouth, m. 14 Oct. 1708, Hannah Curwin, but had no ch. His name
is oft. repeat. on acco. of the extraord. circumst. of his being brot. from the
pulpit at W. to the new North ch. in Boston, as collea. with Rev. John
Webb, wh. had been gr. at Harv. 12 yrs. later. How long aft. 1696 he
was ord. at W. or what were the concomitants of his lot there are unkn.
That he must have been highly regard. at W. and not thro. the partiality
of a few hearers, wh. rememb. the powers of his uncle half a century bef.
is a resonab. presumpt. and why many should have desir. him is easier
to conject. than the reason for the bitter and most indecent repugnance
to his installat. that any of the petty squabbles a. the introd. of a min. in
any parish of N. E. have produced. Four, five, or six publicat. on the
two sides, may be preserv. by the curious for this eventful yr. 1720, on
28 Jan. in wh. an ordain. council was ablig. to go secret. to the house of
worship in Boston; where the disord. vulgarity, as tradit. relates, was too
bad to be entrusted even to printing. He d. 26 Feb. 1739. Of this
name 19 had in 1854, ben gr. at Harv. and 4 at Yale.

    THARPE, NATHANIEL, New Haven, perhaps s. of William, was
punish. 1664, for steal. from an Ind. contin. a propr. 1685. He m. 10 Dec.
1692, Sarah, wid. of Benjamin Robbins. WILLIAM, New Haven 1647,
had perhaps by first w. Nathaniel, bapt. 24 May 1640, Elizabeth Apr. 1643;
John, July 1643; Samuel, 14 June 1646; and Eleazer, 5 Nov. 1648; m.
prob. for sec. or third w. 1662, Margaret, wid. of Robert Pigg, and is in
the list of freem. 1669, but if, as I can hardly doubt was the case, the name
be the one in other rec. spelled Thorpe, then d. bef. 1685.

    THASK. See Trask.

    THAXTER, * JOHN, Hingham, s. of Thomas, brot. by his f. from Eng.
1638, m. 14 Dec. 1648, d. of Nicholas Jacob, had John, b. 1651, d.
soon; Thomas, 4 June 1654; Joseph, 1 June 1656; Samuel, b. 17
Nov. 1658, d. young; Elizabeth 19 Feb. 1661; Benjamin, 4 Feb. 1663;
Samuel, again, 1 Aug. 1665; Mary, 19 Aug. 1667; Deborah, 5 Sept.
1669; Sarah, 26 Sept. 1671; Daniel, 29 Aug. 1675, d. in few mos.;
and Jonathan, 18 Apr. 1677; was made lieut. 1664, when serv. against