Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p270


Volume 4, Page 270

Springfield, s. of the first Samuel, m. 21 Apr. 1687, Mary Cooley. One
of this name at Harv. and seven at Yale, had been gr. in 1852.

    TETHERLY, GABRIEL and WILLIAM are seen in Maine a. 1680, perhaps
trans. But of William we kn. that he was of Biddeford in Co.
Devon, and at Boston, 1664, 5, 6, and 8.

    TEW, * RICHARD, styled s. and heir of Henry, Portsmouth, R. I.
1640; Newport 1654, on the list of freem. 1655, was rep. and assist.
is one of the grantees in the royal chart. 1663, had m. bef. com. from
Eng. Mary, d. of William Clark, of Hardwick Priors, Co. Warwick, and
had a d. b. 4 June 1640, on his voyage, and therefore nam. Seaborn; and
Elnathan, 15 Oct. 1644; perhaps others; Seaborn m. 5 Jan. 1658,
Samuel Billings; Elnathan m. 3 Nov. 1664, Thomas Harris; and Mary,
prob. ano. d. m. 30 Dec. 1670, Andrew Harris.

rem. to Boston m. 10 Nov. 1659, Martha, wid. of William Harvey
of B. had Elizabeth b. 22 Aug; foll.; Hannah, 1 Sept. 1662; Henry, 15
Dec. 1664; Naomi, 18 Jan. 1667; and Ruth, 10 Mar. 1669; took o. of
alleg. 13 May 1669, and again hav. rem. to Amesbury, was call. to the
same, 20 Dec. 1677; grew to be freem. 1680. * THOMAS, Manchester
1686, was rep. 1692.

    THACHER or THATCHER, * ANTHONY, Marblehead, came from Salisbury
in Co. Wilts, where he had serv. occasion. as curate for Peter
Thacher 1631 and 4, the rector of St. Edmunds in that city, wh. prob.
was his br. He had been a non-conformist, liv. in Holland more than
20 yrs. bef. and emb. on 6 Apr. 1635 at Southampton in the James
(tho. we might by Hubbard, 200, be misled to think he came in the
Angel Gabriel, cast away, 15 Aug.) and arr. at Boston 3 June, in the
ship's clearance call. a tayler for decept. not of the inferiors at the
custom ho. wh. certif. that the total num. of men, youths, and boys, was
53, when we are sure there were many more perhaps, a hundred and
fifty percent. He brot. a sec. w. and four ch. William, b. of the first w. as
may have been some of the rest, Mary, Edith, and Peter, a babe, and
prob. was accomp. by the cous. Rev. Joseph Avery, with w. and six ch.
and his neph. Thomas, afterwards first min. of the third or O. S. ch. in
Boston, beside a serv. Peter Higden; but of all these, only the names of
Higden and of Anthony P. appear in that list of 53. Such was the
mode of evasion of the petty tyranny of the Lords of the Council. The
ship was of 300 tons, and might well have brot. 150 passeng. when so
many were eager to come, yet the names of 53 alone are giv. Most of
these went to Ipswich, and a large part of them sett. the same and foll.
yr. at Newbury; but Thacher with his friend Avery, wh. was invit. to