Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p244

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Volume 4, Page 244

yrs. are nam. his wid. d. 1676. Of his thirteen ch. ten were liv. to be
nam. in his will of 20 Jan. 1664. Sarah m. 1650, Rev. Samuel Hough
of Reading, wh. d. Mar. 1662, and she m. Nov. foll. his succesor in the
pulpit, John Brock; Mary m. 15 Sept. 1652, as sec. w. Thomas Savage
of Boston, and next Anthony Stoddard; Elizabeth m. 2 Nov. 1652, Hezekiah
Usher, as his sec. w.; Huldah m. as sec. or third w. William Davis;
Rebecca m. Humphrey Booth; Deborah m. 13 Dec. 1664; Timothy
Prout; Ruth m. 15 June 1668, Edward Willis; and Hannah; had d.
unnm. bef. the confirmat. of the will, who bore a codic. 19 Dec. 1667, and
spake of Ruth as still unm. It was pro. 31 Mar. 1672, and names the s.
William, Zechariah, and Timothy. In his wilI br. William is ment. but
he was prob. in Eng. and never came to our country. ZECHARIAH,
Bradford, s. of the preced. m. 18 Nov. 1669, Susanna, d. of Thomas
Graves of Charlestown, had Sarah, b. 20 May 1672; Zechariah, 13
Mar. 1674; both at B. and at Charlestown had Catharine b. 29 Mar.
bapt. 2 Apr. 1676; and b. at B. Thomas, Jan. 1678, H. C. 1698;
William, 7 Jan. 1680; and Rebecca, 20 July 1681. His w. d. three
days aft. and he m. 26 Nov. 1683, Mehitable, wid. of Samuel Dalton of
Hampton. Some confus. is seen a. this fam. in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 135,
6. He had first preach. a short time at Rehoboth, but at B. preach. 14
yrs. Budington says, bef. he was ord. 27 Dec. 1682, and d. 22 Mar.
1708. His s. Thomas was a man of distinct. and suceed. his f. Eliot's
Biogr. Dict. gives agreeab. details. Of one of this name, prob. a maiden
wh. d. at Cambridge 10 June 1653, no diligence of inquiry can be expect.
to enlarge the report of Mr. Paige, "Mrs. Sarah Symmes had a gr.
of ld 1639. She appears to have been a lady of wealth, and a mem. of
the ch."

    SYMONDS, BENJAMIN, Woburn, s. of William, freem. 1690, by w. Rebecca
had William, b. 14 Feb. 1679; Benjamin, 14 Jan. 1681; Joseph,
1 Mar. 1683; John, 23 Mar. 1685; Rebecca, 6 June 1687; Daniel, 21
Feb. 1690; Jacob, 26 May 1692; Judith, 5 Oct. 1695; and Huldah, 25
Oct. 1700. CALEB, Woburn, br. of the preced. freem. 1690, m. 25 Sept.
1677, Sarah Bacon, had Samuel, b. 30 June 1687; James, 15 Jan. 1684;
and Sarah, 11 Nov. 1687, wh. d. in few days. HARLAKENDEN, Gloucester,
s. of Samuel the first, b. in Eng. a. 1628, brot. by his f. in 1637,
freem. 1665, had w. Eliz. call. in the will of 3 May 1670, made by Sarah,
wid. of Richard Mather (wh. had been wid. of great John Cotton,
and in Eng. by him m. as the wid. Story), her and may well be
judg. the same in Cotton's will, 1652, nam. as his Betty Day. We
know, Cotton then had no gr. ch. and this ch. must have been b. of some
d. of the wid. Story, wh. in Eng. or here had m. a Day. That name is
found early both at Ipswich and Gloucester; but, tho. Mr. Felt has large