Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p230


Volume 4, Page 230

John, 17 Oct. 1650, d. soon; Samuel, 19 Apr. 1654; Hannah, 4 Sept.
1656; John, again, 6 Sept. 1658; James, 11 Feb. 1660; and Joseph,
16 July 1666; beside Mary, 7 Dec. 1651; and Lydia, 13 Dec. 1660; of
wh. Ann m. 7 Dec. 1665, John Waterman. He d. 1669, prob. in Oct.
in his will of 1 Aug. preced. provid. for the four s. and a ch. unb. beside
s.-in-law John Waterman. Descend. have been very num. but no acco.
is obtain. of the respective ch. James, it is said , d. 1756, leav. s. Caleb.
See Geneal. Reg. VI. 211. WILLIAM, Norwalk, had John, b. 20 July
1676; and Sarah, 9 Apr. 1678. No more is found in Hall's Hist.

    STUTCH, JOHN, if the rec. may be suffic. authty. for such a name, by
w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 21 Oct. 1662. My refer. is lost.

    STYCHE, HENRY, Lynn, was an efficient workman at the iron foundry
in 1653, and was then 103 yrs. of age, as Lewis in Hist. of Lynn, Ed. 2,
p. 143 asserts; and he adds: "How many yrs. longer he liv. history has
not inform. us." That remark may raise a doubt in the mind of any
reader, even if the writer be not thot. to distrust the marvel. Yet in the
first Ed. I think the age was call. 102. Lamenta. that the line was not
perpet. wd. be unavailing and perhaps unwise.

    SUCKLING or SUCKLIN, THOMAS, Hingham, came with Francis
James, as one of his serv. in the Diligent, 1638. Lincoln, Centen.
Addr. 44. He was of Providence 1646, and on freem 's. list 1655, tho.
not adm. bef. May 1658, engag. his alleg. to Charles II. June 1668.

    SUMERTON, JOB, in Essex Inst. Coll. III. 50, but in Index Summerton,
I must feel, is mispr. for Swinerton.

    SUMMERS, HENRY, Woburn, m. 21 Nov. 1660, Rachel Reed. His
wid. d. 15 June, 1690, and in Apr. of that yr. Henry, perhaps his s. of
W. was adm. freem. JOHN, perhaps of Duxbury, m. Mary Sampson, d.
of Henry, prob. bef. 1680.

    SUMNER, BENJAMIN, Milton, s. of George, m. 3 May 1706, Elizabeth Badcock,
had Zebiah, b. 19 Nov. 1707; Benjamin, 26 Nov. 1709, d. young;
Joseph, 13 Feb. 1712, d. at 20 yrs.; Abijah, 6 Mar. 1714; David, 6
Jan. 1717; Daniel, 3 May 1719; Samuel, 4 May 1722; and Benjamin,
again, 21 Feb. 1725; and d. 1727. CLEMENT, Boston, s. of the sec.
William m. 18 May 1698, Margaret Harris, had William, b. 18 Mar.
1699; Ebenezer, 1 Sept. 1701; Margaret, 7 Dec. 1702, d. very soon;
Margaret, again, 18 July, 1705; Elizabeth 18 Oct. 1707; Samuel, 31 Aug.
1709; and Benjamin, 28 May 1711; of wh. all, but Ebenezer, were
bapt. at sec. ch. 15 July 1711; and Ebenezer was bapt. 9 Nov. 1712.
EBENEZER, Mendon, s. of George of Milton, had, perhaps by w. Silence,
Daniel, b. a. 171O; Abigail, a. 1711; and Silence, a. 1715, wh. were
liv. at his d. 1721. EBENEZER, Dorchester, s. of Roger of the same, m.
14 Mar. 1700, Elizabeth d. of Nathaniel Clap, had Elizabeth b. 20 Dec. 1700;
Rebecca, 11 Apr. 1703; Nathaniel, 18 July 1705; Ebenezer, 1 Apr.
1708; Mehitable, 15 Feb. 1710; Jaazaniah, 19 July 1713; and Thankful,