Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p210


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Volume 4, Page 210

against Ind. hostil. by w. Sarah had, prob. Simon, not rec.;
Susanna, b. 23 Oct. 1694; Isaac, 4 May 1697; and Benjamin, 12 Aug.
1706; beside Hannah, wh. d. 27 Sept. 1723; and Lydia, wh. d. three
days aft. of wh. the b. of neither is found. by Butler. THOMAS, Guilford,
freem. 1677, was s. of John of the same, m. 13 Dec. 1676, Mary,
d. of William Johnson, had Benjamin, b. 11 Mar. 1678; Mary, 6 Apr.
1680, wh. perhaps d. young; and Dorothy, the first and last being nam.
in the will of their gr.f. 1695. WILLIAM, Guilford 1639, sign. the
coven. of 1 June, perhaps br. of John of the same, by w. Hannah had
William, b. a 1642; Hannah a. 1644; Benajah, a. 1647; beside
Samuel, wh. d. 1675; but this may have been by his sec. w. m. 1659,
Mary, w. of Richard Hughes of G. He d. Nov. 1683. Hannah m.
bef. 1666, John Norton, and perhaps d. bef. her f. WILLIAM, Guilford,
s. of the preced. m. 20 Feb. 1673, Hannah Wolfe, tho. the surname is
uncert. had Samuel, b. 16 Mar. 1675, d. soon; William, 22 Mar. 1676;
Hannah, 27 July 1678; Daniel, 27 July 1680; Elizabeth 28 Nov. 1682;
Josiah, 22 May 1685; Stephen, 1 Mar. 1689; Joshua, 3 May 1692;
and Abigail, 1 Dec. 1697. He was propound. 1669, for freem. and d.
28 Sept. 1730. Of a sec. w. Mary we kn. not the date. Of this name,
in 1834, Farmer marks thirteen had been gr. at Harv. six at Yale, and
seventeen at the rest of the N. E. coll.

    STONHILL, HENRY, Milford 1639-46, soon aft. went home, tak. dism.
from the ch. of M. which he had join. with, 1641, to Thomas Goodwin's
ch. in London.

    STORER, BENJAMIN, Wells, perhaps s. of William, was k. by the Ind.
Apr. 1677. JOSEPH, Wells, br. of the preced. sw. alleg. and was ensign
1680, rep. 1681, and 5, a man of distinct. and energy in the Ind. wars; by
w. Hannah, d. prob. of Roger Hill, had Hannah, b. 6 May 1680; Sarah,
9 Dec. 1682; Mary, 12 May 1685; Abigail, 29 Oct. 1687; Joseph, 29
Aug. 1690; John, 5 Sept. 1694; Joseph, prob. at Charlestown, whither
the Ind. wars may have compel. the mo. to flee, and certain. bapt. there 8
Nov. 1696; Keziah, 2 May 1697; Ebenezer, in Saco fort, 4 June 1669;
and Seth, 26 May 1702, H. C. 1720, min. of Watertown. RICHARD,
Boston, came in the George from Bristol, prob. 1635, with his mo. Elizabeth
w. of Robert Hull, f. of Capt. John, but no more is told of him.
SAMUEL, Wells, br. of Joseph, was disting. in the defence against
French and Ind. of their position, common. call. Storer's garrison,
1692; but his resid. for sev. yrs. was Charlestown, were he had William,
bapt. 28 June 1691; the f. call. of the ch. of York; Lydia, 4
Mar. 1694; Mehitable, 10 May 1696; Jemima, 30 Oct. 1698; and
David, 27 Oct. 1700. But prob. aft. peace he went again to Maine.
WILLIAM, an early sett. in Maine, had Joseph, Jeremia, Samuel, and