Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p193


Volume 4, Page 193

early sett. of N. E. pr. Geneal. Reg. I. 139, E. S. is by mistake call.
constable of Boston 1673. The name of seven chos. that yr. to that
office have only Skarlet and Shrimpton of that initial fam. letter, and
not one Elias. He was almost always in office; was rep. 1667 and five
yrs. more, a counsel; under Presid. Cutt, or Gov. Cranfield, 1681 or 2 a
capt. and major, rep. again 1690, and d. 19 Dec. 1695, aged 78. RICHARD,
Cambridge, by w. Hannah had Samuel, b. 23 May 1644, bapt. at
Salem, 20 July 1651, he hav. rem. thither, and soon aft. to Portsmouth,
where by w. Mary were b. Mary, 6 Jan. 1658; Elizabeth 8 May 1663;
Sarah, 30 June 1665; and Richard, 20 Mar. 1668; and d. 11 Oct.
1678. Prob. he as br. of the preced. tho. sometimes the name is print.

    STILES or STYLES, BENJAMIN, Woodbury, s. of Francis, m. Elizabeth
Rogers of Milford, perhaps d. of Eleazer,
[1] had Sarah, bapt. May 1683;
Thomas, Nov. 1685, prob. d. bef. his f.; Ruth; Abigail, Apr. 1689; and
Francis; rem. to Stratford, there d. 13 Apr. 1711, and his wid. d. 13 June
1719. EPHRAIM, Stratford, eldest s. of Francis, freem. 168, m. 8 July
1669, Ruth, wid. of Obadiah Wheeler, and afterwards m. Bathsheba
Tomlinson, d. of Henry, by wh. he had, and left, at his d. 21 June
1714, three ds.; Elizabeth b. 18 Feb. 1687; Sarah, 4 Nov. 1693; and
Phebe, 25 Mar. 1696; wh. all m. His est. was large. EPHRAIM,
Springfield, s. of John the sec. m. 1694, Abigail Neal, d. of Edward
of Westfield
, had Rachel, b. 21 May 1695; Issac, 6 Oct. 1696;
Ephraim, 5 Dec. 1699; Abigail, 15 Mar. 1704, d. young; and Hannah
31 July 1708. FRANCIS, Windsor 1636, one of the first freem.
of Conn. 1640, had come from London, where he was a carpenter,
early in the yr. preced. aged 35, in the Christian, and sat down short
tme at Dorchester. Prob. he was s. of Thomas of Milbrook, near
Ampthill in Co. Bedford, bapt. 1 Aug. 1602, wh. makes us presume,
that the age of the London rec. should be 33, as the reg. of the parish
certif. to me by the min. in 1842, deserves much higher credit than that
of the custom h. I presume to brot. w. Rahcel, unless she was sis. aged
28 , but two ws. and two ch. beside the four brs. in the same sh. are
diffic. to be approp. Cothren, p. 694, makes him, from fam. tradit. to be
engag. in prepar. of a park for Richard Saltonstall, not Sir Richard, wh.
is a mistake, for Suffk. reg. of deeds. Vol. I. 98, has the release of all
demands by him up to date of Sept. 1647, as well against Sir Richard,
as s. Robert. He work. I suppose under direct. of Robert, wh. was less
judicious than his elder br. He made over to Robert Saltonstall, by
deed dat. 22 Sept. 1647 all his lds. at W. includ. 1500 acr. in one parcel
on the E. side of the riv. but the debt exceed the val. He than calls
hims. of Saybrook, yet bec. three of his four s. were aft. at Stratford.