Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p175

Volume 4, Page 175

serv. in Philip's war, had Shubael, b. 19 Aug. 1683; Samuel; Hannah
John, 1691; Mary; and perhaps one or two others. In 1834 Farmer
notes, that of this name eighteen had been gr. at Harv. two at Yale, and
three at other N. E. coll.

and STUBBING, BENJAMIN, Springfield, s. of Thomas of the
same, took o. of fidel. 1678, freem. 1690, m. 9 Oct. 1682, Abigail
Denton, perhas d. of Rev. Richard, but more prob. of Daniel, by
first w. wh. may have been s. of Richard, but mroe prob. of Daniel, by
1683; and Mercy, 29 Oct. 1685. His w. d. 24 or 28 Aug. 1689; he
m. 11 Apr. 1690, Mary, wid. of Samuel Ball had no ch. by her. He
d. 12 Oct. 1698, and his wid. m. 29 Dec. 1704, James Warriner the
elder. BENJAMIN, Northampton, youngest s. of John of the same, m.
1709, Mary, d. of David Ashley of Westfield, had Benjamin, b. 15
Sept. 1711; and Gideon, 30 June 1714, wh. d. at 20 yrs. With the
other s. he rem. to Belchertown 1741, and there are descend. BENONI,
Northampton, s. of John, first of the same, took o. of fidel. 1678, and
was adm. freem. 1684, m. Mary, wid. of James Bennet, wh. had been m.
only the yr. preced. and whose h. and k. in the morning aft. the Falls
fight, 19 May 1676, ahd Ebenezer, b. 1677; and was tak. by the Ind.
19 Sept. of that yr.; Thankful, 10 Mar. 1680; Abigail, a. 1683; Mindwell,
20 Jan. 1686; rem. to Deerfield, there had Joseph, and Esther, tw.
Feb. 1689; and the mo. d. 2 Aug. foll. He m. a. 1691, Hannah, wid. of
Joseph Edwards, and had Benjamin, 1692; and Esther, 1695. He was
k. 29 Feb. 1704 at the assault by the Fr. and Ind. his wid. m. Thomas
French, wh. had lost most of his fam. in the same asault; but most of
the ch. d. young. DANIEL, New London, s. of John of same, m. Bethia,
d. of Daniel Comstock. * EDWARD, Cambridge 1633, freem. 14 May
1634, rem. with the early sett. to Hartford, was rep. oft. aft. 1639 to
56; had sev. ch. but no s. He d. 1663; and his wid. whose name was
Frances, d. ten yrs. later. His d. Mary m. 29 Apr. 1648, Walter Gaylord;
Elizabeth m. first Robert Wilson, and next, Thomas Caldwell in 1658;
Lydia m. deac. John Wilson; and ano. d. m. in Eng. John Chester.
He call. Elizur Holyoke his br.-in-law and speaks of dear sis. H.
EDWARD, Springfield, s. of Thomas of the same, freem. 1690; in Apr.
1679, Sarah Groves, d. of Isaac or[1] John, had Sarah, b. 20 Feb. 1682;
Thomas, Oct. 1685, d. soon; Thomas, again, 7 mar. 1687; Mary, 11
Setp. 1689, d. soon; John, 20 Jan. 1693; Mary, again, 2 Jan. 1696, d. at
2 yrs. His w. d. 12 June 1700, and he m. 18 Oct. 1701, Mary, wid. of
Isaac Colton, and d. 31 Oct. 1712. Increase is nam. by Farmer, as of
Springfield 1650, but I fear it is an error. JOHN, Watertown, by w.
Mary or Margaret had John b. 25 Mar. 1640; and Mary, 6 Aug. 1641,