Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p168


Volume 4, Page 168

ment. PHILIP, Gloucester, by w. Jane had Philip; John, b. 1653;
Jane, 1655; Samuel, 5 Jan. 1658; Jonathan, 29 Mar. 1661; Naomi,
20 Apr. 1664; Ruth, 10 Mar. 1667; and Hannah, 16 Sept. 1670. He
d. 7 Aug. 1672, and his wid. m. 12 Sept. 1673, John Pearce, as his sec.
and d. 18 Aug. 1706. His s. Philip, John, and Samuel had grs. of
ld. for serv. in Ind. wars bef. 1679. PHILIP, Gloucester, s. of the preced.
m. 22 Nov. 1677, Mary Blackwell, wh. d. 3 Jan. 1679; and he m.
30 Oct. 1683, Esther, d. of Thomas Bray, and had Philip, b. 1690;
and other ch. David, both of wh. m. and had fams. SAMUEL, Gloucester,
br. of the preced. m. 16 Nov. 1686, Hannah, whose surname Babson
saw not, had bef. 1695 five ch. of wh. only Ebenezer is nam. and in
that yr. he rem. to Amesbury.

been of Exeter, by w. Mary, says our town rec. had John, b. 16, bapt.
24 July 1642, our chl. rec. show. that he was mem. of the ch. of E. and
thither he soon went back, had there Mary, wh. m. 10 Jan. 1666, John
Pickering jr. and perhaps more there or at Hampton, where he was in
1654, m. sec. w. 1 Jan. 1656, Ann, wid. of William Partridge. of Salisbury,
and took the o. of alleg. 1678. In his MS. Farmer says he was
freem. 1644, wh. does not mean of Mass. but of E. where he was town
clk. 1647, and rep. of H. in 1654. JOHN, Hampton, s. of the preced.
m. 17 Dec. 1663, Mary, d. of Thomas Bradbury of Salisbury. Descend.
are found in N. H.

    STAPLES or STAPLE, ABRAHAM, Weymouth, m. 17 Sept. 1660, Mary,
d. of Robert Randall of the same rem. soon aft. and prob. was one of the
first sett. of Mendon 1663. His wid. is nam. in the will of her f. 27 Mar.
1691. ABRAHAM, Dorchester 1658, rem. to Weymouth 1660, thence to
Mendon, was freem. 1673, by w. Hannah had Ephraim, b. 2 Sept. 1678;
and Mary, 8 Feb. 1681; by w. Mary had Benjamin, 27 Dec. 1682; and
Hannah, 13 May 1686; but by a third w. Mehitable, perhaps, he had
Mehitable, 19 Dec. 1689, d. soon; Mehitable, again, 20 May 1692; Isaac,
10 June 1699; Abraham, 12 Apr. 1702, and Abraham, again, 3 Apr.
1706. If it be object. that these three ws. hav. ch. seem too much for
one man's felicity, conject. may be indulg. that the h. of the last w. may
have been s. of the former Abraham. EDWARD, Braintree, early, says
Farmer. JEFFREY, Weymouth, had Martha, wh. was bur. 17 Feb. 1640.
JOHN, Weymouth, freem. 1648, ahd Rebecca, b. 27 Nov. 1639, and Joseph,
19 Feb. 1642. Farmer names, also, Increase, of wh. no other report is
found. But prob. he had, also, John; and d. in 1658, or bef. I guess
the name of his w. was Margery, for a deed of two parcels of ld. in W.
10 Jan. 1659 is found in our Vol. III. of the registr. convey. to James
Priest of W. by Margery Staples, wid. of W. JOHN, Weymouth,