Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p558


Volume 3, Page 558

and Elizabeth tw. 1700; William, 1702; Hannah, 1704; was a deac.
JOSIAH, Norwich, perhaps s. of William, had liv. at New London sev. yrs.
and had there most of his ch. perhaps even the eldest, Hannah, 6 Sept.
1658, d. at 3 yrs.; Josiah, June 1662; Joseph, Mar. 1665; John, Dec.
1677; Mary, Feb. 1669; Hannah again, 23 Aug. 1672; and Samuel,
posthum. 30 Sept. 1676. He was k. by the Ind. near the end of Jan.
1676, at the same time with young John Reynolds; and his s. Josiah was
tak. by them, and soon restor. JOSIAH, Norwich, s. of the preced. m. 8
Apr. 1688, Ann, d. of Thomas Bliss, had Daniel, b. 24 Oct. 1689; John,
3 Apr. 1692; Jerusha, 6 Mar. 1695; Hannah, 6 June 1698; and Elizabeth
19 Apr. 1700. His w. d. 19 Feb. 1715; and he d. 18 Mar. 1729.
SAMUEL, Windsor, s. of William, perhaps b. at Dorchester, freem. of
Conn. 1657; m. 7 Apr. 1660, Mary Norton of Saybrook, had Mary, b.
18 Jan. 1662; Abigail, 23 Aug. 1664; Samuel, 19 Oct. 1667; Joseph,
22 May 1670; John, 31 May 1673; Abigail, again, 11 Apr. 1676; and
Josiah, 10 Mar. 1678. WILLIAM, Dorchester, f. of John the first. came
prob. in the Mary and John, req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and was
sw. 18 May foll. was one of the first two deac. rem. to Windsor, in its
sec. yr. there d. 15 May 1640, leav. wid. Susanna (prob. sec. w. to wh.
Hist. of D. gives the surname Chapin), wh. m. Matthew Grant, and ch.
John; Samuel; Joan, wh. m. 15 Nov. 1642, Jeffrey Baker; Ruth, wh.
m. 7 Oct. 1652, Christopher Huntington; Mary; Joseph; and Sarah,
wh. m. 22 Mar. 1658, Walter Gaylord, as his sec. w. Stiles makes
Mary m. Jeffrey Mahon; but I doubt the outlandish surname, and suspect
the bapt. name was borrow. from the h. of Joan. Of this name, ten
had in 1829 been gr. at Yale and one at Dart.

    ROCKWOOD, SAMUEL, eldest s. of Nicholas Rockett (wh. see), Medfield,
freem. 1682, m. 15 Dec. 1671, Hannah, d. of John Ellis of M. had
Hannah, b. 1 Oct. 1673; Susanna, 31 Oct. 1675; Samuel, 11 Apr.
1677, d. at seven yrs.; Abigail, 17 May 1679; Eleazer, 18 Apr. 1681;
d. at 12 yrs.; Patience, 14 May 1682; d. soon; Joseph, 8 Sept. 1686;
and Deliverance, whose b. or that of the preced. must be wrong in Morse.
His w. d. 7 May 1717, and he m. ano. w. Sarah, and d. 17 Dec. 1728.
Six of this name, in the early time oft. writ. Rockett (from wh. much
doubt is caus.) had been gr. in 1828, at Harv. Dart. and Middleb. two
at ea.

    RODGERS, whose name of bapt. is unkn. a young man sent from Eng.
with Allerton early in 1628, to be min. at Plymouth, but sent back next yr.
as disord. in brain. Mass. Hist. coll. IV> 109. It is oft. spell. without d.
* JOHN, Bristol, a selectman 1686, patriotic to resist Andros, rep. 1689.
3 Mass. Hist. coll. VII.171.

    RODMAN, JOHN, younger br. of Thomas, came, says tradit. from
Barbados, bring. w. Mary; but no more is told of him, exc. that he had s.
Thomas, rem. to Block isl. next to N. J. and d. at Flushing, L. I. SAMUEL,
Newport, s. of Thomas, m. 17 Mar. 1723, Mary Willet, had Thomas, b. 29
Dec. foll.; Hannah, perhaps 22 July 1725, d. soon; Charity, 15 Nov. 1727,
d. young; Samuel, 31 Jan. 1730, d. aft. 2 yrs.; William, 18 Jan. 1732; Elizabeth
28 Mar. 1736; Ann; Mary; and John; and d. 27 Dec. 1748. THOMAS,
Newport, br. of John, came from Barbados, a