Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p498


Volume 3, Page 498

during the usurp. of A. call. coll. and was the chief man in all the W.
yet Mather unwisely dictat. to the king who took somebody else for
the honor of counc. in his new chart. 1692, but the people next yr. correct.
that blunder, and he was chos. until 1702, every yr. exc. 1699;
and Phips made him Judge of Pro. in June 1692. He d. 17 Jan. 1703.
Mary m. 6 Aug. 1670, Joseph Whiting of Westfield, as the rec. has it,
but Goodwin's scrupul. Geneal. says 5 Oct. 1669. JOHN, s. of the
was two yrs. stud. at H. C. liv. at Boston 1673 rem. to Ipswich,
there m. Margaret, d. of Rev. William Hubbard, had John, Margaret,
and William, all b. there, rem. to Springfield, where his w. d. 11 Nov.
1716; was lieut. col. clk. of the Courts and Regist. of deeds, and d. 25
Apr. 1721. JOSEPH, Springfield, br. of the preced. a physician, was
rep. 1681, and 2, but in this last yr. d. 30 Dec. unm. at Boston. WILLIAM,
Roxbury, an Assist. came in the fleet with Winthrop 1630, had
been assoc. with the patentees, 1628, wh. purch. from the Plymouth
comp. that yr. and named to office by the royal chart. of 4 Mar. 1629;
brot. four ch. Ann, Mary, John, and Margaret, with their mo. says the
rec. of Roxbury ch. of wh. his name is first. His w. d. in the first
season, bef. ret. of the sh. in wh. they came; and aft. some yrs. he m.
Frances Sanford, a grave matron of the ch. of Dorchester, and a. 1636,
rem. to found the town of Springfield, so named, prob. from the place of
his resid. near Chelmsford in Old Eng. He was a man of great enterprise,
and highly honored as Treasr. bef. his leav. the seacoast, and as
Couns. after, until his publicat. of the dangerous judgm. as to religion,
wh. he had formed 30 yrs. bef. For this he suffered indignity in 1651,
when his book was by our governm. ordered to be burned, and lest the
same form of purificat. might reach to the author, he went home, as
more freedom was enjoyed in his native ld. See the letter, in full, to
Sir H. Vane, from our Gov. Endicott and his council of Assist. in 3
Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 35. At Wraisbury, on the Thames, near famous
Runnymede, in Co. Bucks, he d. Oct. 1662, in 72d or 74th yr. his w.
having d. there 10 Oct. 1657. Ann m. Henry Smith, s. by her first h.
of the sec. w. of her f.; Margaret m. Dec. 6, 1644, capt. William Davis
of Boston; and Mary m. 20 Nov. 1640, capt. Elizur Holyoke, and d.
26 Oct. 1657. Four of this name had been gr. at Harv. and three at
Yale, 1825.

    PYNE, JAMES, Hartford 1647, may have been only trans. inhab. there
or at Fairfield. See Trumbull, Col. Rec. I. 150, 158. THOMAS, the
freem. of Mass. 6 May 1635, was, by Farmer, thought to be the same
as Pinney, wh. does not to me seem prob.

    QUARLES, WILLIAM, Ipswich 1678, prob. came in from Salisbury, or
some other town, where in 1665 he was 18 yrs. old, but no more is kn.