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Volume 3, Page 477

Lynn 1645; the former is among debtors, 1655, to est. of Joshua Foote,
and the latter by Farmer is put among first sett. of R. I. and in Philip's
war refus. to quit Providence. He had sw. alleg. to the king, June 1668.
WILLIAM, Providence, sw. alleg. May 1682.

    PREBLE, ABRAHAM, Scituate 1637, m. Judith, d. of Nathaniel Tilden,
had Abraham, b. a. 1642; Nathaniel, bapt. there 1648, tho. some
yrs. bef. he had rem. to York, where he perhaps had Benjamin, and
others; was magistr. 1650, submit. soon to Mass. and freem. 1652,
treasr. of the Col. 1659, and d. 1663, leav. wid. Judith and sev. ch. of
wh. one d. was m. Willis I. 102. ABRAHAM, York, s. of the preced.
prob. eldest, was made treasr. of the Co. 1678, lieut. 1680, when he took
o. of alleg. to the k. He m. a. 1685, acc. fam. tradit. Hannah Kelly,
wh. liv. 9 May 1751, a. had Mary, b. 8 June 1686; Abraham, 21
Aug. 1687, Caleb, 7 July 1689; Jonathan, 11 Apr. 1695; Ebenezer,
26 Mar. 1698; and Samuel, 19 Apr. 1699. He was judge and deac. d
4 Oct. 1714 in 72d yr. "univers. faithful to the death," says gr.-st.
JOHN, NATHANIEL, and STEPHEN, wh. took the o. of alleg. to his
majesty at York, 1680, were prob. his bros. and his s. Abraham,
Esquire, of York, d. unm. 30 Mar. 1720 in his 50th yr. Abraham
the f. was appoint. admin. on est. of John 1695, Hannah, the wid.
of John hav. d. 19 Aug. of that yr. Of this stock was the famous
Com. P

    PRENCE, THOMAS, Plymouth, came in the Fortune, 1621, was s.
of Thomas of Lechlade, in Co. Gloucester, near Cricklade, in Wilts, m.
5 Aug. 1624, Patience, d. of Elder William Brewster, had Thomas,
Rebecca, Hannah, Mercy, and Sarah, of none of wh. are dates of b. kn.
His w. d. 1634, and he rem. to Duxbury, m. 1 Apr. 1635, Mary, d. of
William Collier, and was chos. Gov. that yr. and for two or three yrs.
aft. an Assist. and Gov. again in 1638, afterwards an Assit. many yrs.
this w. he had Jane, b. 1 Nov. 1637; and prob. Mary, Elizabeth and
Judith; in 1645 rem. to Eastham, there again. chos. Gov. 1658, and
there his w. d. A third w. Mary in 1662, was wid. of Samuel Freeman,
sen. and he rem. again, 1663, to Plymouth, there he d. 29 Mar.
1673, aged 72, leav. wid. Mary. The s. Thomas went to Eng. m. and
d. young, leav. wid. and d. Susanna. Of the ds. all were m. and we kn.
the dates of all but one, and the name of her h. is obscure, even after
the inquiries of Mr. Hamblen. Rebecca m. 22 Apr. 1646, Edmund,
Freeman, jun.; Hannah, m. 13 Feb. 1650, Nathaniel Mayo, and sec. h.
Jonathan Sparrow; Mercy m. 13 or 14 Feb. 1650, John Freeman;
Sarah m. 1650, Jeremiah Howe of Yarmouth; Jane m. 9 Jan. 1661,
Mark Snow; Mary m. John Tracy of Duxbury; Elizabeth m. 9 Dec. 1667,
Arthur Howland, jr.; and Judith m. 28 Dec. 1685, Isaac Barker of