Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p465

Volume 3, Page 465

1640; his w. d. 29 Dec. 1642; and by sec. w. Elizabeth had Martha, bapt.
29 May, but town rec. says b. 16 June 1653. His d. Elizabeth b. prob. in
Eng. m. 24 Nov. 1652, Nathaniel Adams; but ano. pretend. rec. says
Samuel Norden, in Geneal. Reg. XI. 202. Great variety is found in
the letters or sound of this first sch.master's name, as Porment, Pormet,
Purmount, etc. In Allen's Biogr. Dict. the trouble is avoid. but not in
a satisfactory manner.

    POST, ABRAHAM, Saybrook 1664, s. prob. of Stephen, freem. 1665,
ensign 1667, had Stephen, b. 3 Dec. 1664; Ann, 4 May 1667; Abraham,
9 June 1669; James, 14 Mar. 1671; Esther, 14 Dec. 1672, d. in
few days; Daniel, 28 Nov. 1673; Gurdon, 27 May 1676; Joseph, 6
Feb. 1678; Mary, 21 Feb. 1680; and Elinor, 10 Feb. 1682; and his
w. d. 23 Mar. 1684. In the will of Uncas, four thousand acres were
devis. to him, yet in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 234, his name is Past. ISAAC,
Huntington, L. I. 1666. Thompson. JOHN, Woburn, m. 27 Feb. 1650,
Susanna Sutton; but whether she had ch. or how long she liv. is not
told; yet I find he m. sec. w. 18 Nov. 1662, Mary Tyler, and had
Mary, b. 29 Sept. 1664; Joanna, 13 Sept. 1666; and John, 14 Apr.
1669. JOHN, Saybrook, s. of Stephen, b. prob. in Eng. m. in the last
of Mar. 1652, Esther, d. of William Hyde, had Margaret, b. 21 Feb.
1653; Eliz. 22 Feb. 1655; John, 12 Apr. 1657; and Sarah, 6 Nov.
1659; rem. with first sett. to Norwich, there had Abigail, 6 Nov. 1664,
d. at 11 yrs.; Samuel, 8 Mar. 1668; Hannah, Oct. 1671; and Lydia,
11 Mar. 1674; was in 1663, accept. to be made free, yet seems to have
missed for sev. yrs. of taking the o. wh. the Dept. Gov. was requested
to admin. in 1666 and again in 1668. In the list of 1669 he is includ.
and his w. d. 13 Nov. 1703. He d. 27 Nov. 1710. Lydia m. Abel
Moore, and next, Joseph Harris, both of New London. JOHN, Norwich,
eldest s. of the preced. m. 24 Dec. 1685, Sarah, eldest d. of John
Reynolds, had Sarah, b. 1 Dec. 1686; John, 14 July 1689; and d. 15
July of next yr. His wid. d. 11 May 1703. RICHARD, Southampton,
L. I. 1640, nam. by Thompson, may easily be thot. the same as that one
of the first sett. of New London 1646 or 7, a blacksmith, wh. sold his
est. 1651 or 2 to Amos Rirchardson, and rem. but whither is not heard,
nor whether he had ch. or not. STEPHEN, Cambridge 1634, rem. 1636
to Hartford, an orig. propr. had John, Thomas, and Abraham, prob.
Catharine, wh. m. Alexander Chalker, in 1649 was of Saybrook, where
he d. 16 Aug. 1659. THOMAS, Saybrook, s. prob. of the preced. m. Jan.
1656, Mary Andrews, had Sarah, b. Nov. 1657; and a. 1660 rem. to
Norwich, where his w. d. 1661; and he m. 2 Sept. 1663, Rebecca, d. of
Obadiah Bruen, had Thomas, Dec. 1664; Hannah, Feb. 1666; Mary,
June 1669; Obadiah; and Joseph. He d. 5 Sept. 1701, and his wid.
d. 15 Apr. 1721.