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Volume 3, Page 299

first, sec. and third grants of lds. or divisions on sett. 1639 and 1640;
and his f.'s est. in Eng. to wh. he had been sent some yrs. aft. he was
brot. in 1638 at the age of 15, came again in the Speedwell, arr. 27
July 1656, m. Mary, d. of Walter Haynes, who had been his fell.
passeng. in early youth, by the Confidence, was twelve yrs. a selectman,
and rep. at the sec. sess. 1664; d. 7 Dec. 1666. His will, of 20 May
1664, names w. Mary, but no ch. ment. sis. Elizabeth Dorothy, and Abigail,
and two eldest ds. of Josiah Tredaway, whose w. Sufferance was sis. of
his w. He had est. at Foxcote near Andover, Eng. and was interest. in
in works at Concord, also in those of the Leonards at Taunton.
THOMAS, Newbury, s. of the first James, m. 28 Dec. 1669, Martha
, and for sec. w. 24 Sept. 1677, Elizabeth d. of Stephen Greenleaf, had
Sarah, b. 14 Sept. 1670; Martha, 24 Feb. 1673; Daniel, 30 Aug.
1674, by the first w. and by the next, James, 3 July 1678; Thomas, 2
Oct. 1679; Parker, 2 Oct. 1681; Elizabeth 29 Feb. 1684; Joseph, 5 Aug.
1688; Moses, 29 Jan. 1692; Rebecca, 19 Apr. 1700; and Judith, 17
Apr. 1702; freem. 1671, and capt. 1690 in war with E. Ind. and rep.
1689, 90, and 2. THOMAS, Newbury, youngest s. of Nicholas the first,
by w. Sarah had Bethia, b. 20 Oct. 1691; and Rebecca, 20 Jan. 1694,
d. in few days. TIMOTHY, Newbury, s. of the first Nicholas, m. 13 Jan.
1681, Mary, d. of John Knight, had James, b. 12 Mar. 1684; Abigail,
28 Feb. 1685; Mary, 28 Dec. 1686; Sarah, 26 Mar. 1689; Timothy,
25 Jan. 1691; Rachel, 8 Feb. 1694; John, 19 Feb. 1696; Martha, 14
Mar. 1697; and Nicholas, 7 Mar. 1701; was freem. 1684, and d. 1718.
WILLIAM, Newbury, s. of James the first, m. 6 Nov. 1685, Sarah Cogswell,
had John, b. 27 July 1686; William, 11 Sept. 1688; Sarah, 10
May 1691, d. young; Moses, 27 Jan. 1694, d. in 3 wks.; Susanna, 25
Feb. 1696; Mary, 24 May 1699, d. young; Sarah, again, 5 Dec. 1703;
and Parker, 17 Jan. 1705. Considering the very short distance betw.
the resid. of the two progenit. of this widely diffus. name, in the W.
border of Hants, and the E. frontier of Wilts, where ea. stood in favora.
social position in the latter days of Queen Elizabeth no doubt can be felt of
their common origin. Fifteen of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at
Harv. twelve at Yale (all descend. of Stonington James), and eleven at
other N. E. coll.

    NUDD, JOSEPH, Hampton 1678, was prob. s. of Thomas. THOMAS,
Hampton, s. it is said, of Roger, was a minor with his wid. mo. at
Watertown, wh. bef. 1645, bec. third w. of Henry Dow, and rem. from
W. to H.; m. 9 Dec. 1659, Sarah, d. of Godfrey Dearborn, and had
seven ch. says fam. tradit. of wh. one was Samuel, and, perhaps, ano.

    NUNN, RICHARD, a passeng. in the Increase, from London to Boston,
1635, aged 19, but no more is heard.