Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p255


Volume 3, Page 255

    MUNJOY or MUNGY, BENJAMIN, of Boston, perhaps was a mariner
in 1655, but of him no more is kn. exc. that admin. on his est. was. giv.
in Essex Co. 28 June 1659, to his w. wh. brot. in inv. of L19,2,5.
Perhaps he was br. of George. GEORGE, Boston, master mariner,or
sh. carpent. 1647, s. of John of Abbotsham, near Biddeford, Devonsh.
adm. of the ch. 15 May, and same mo. freem. m. Mary, only d. of John
Philips of Boston, had John, b. 17, bapt. 24 Apr. 1653; George, 21,
bapt. 27 Apr. 1656, when ch. rec. calls him John; and Josiah, 4 Apr.
1658; next yr. bot. the Noah's Ark tavern in B. but rem. soon to Casco,
to have charge of the great purch. from Cleves, by his f-in-law, had at
Falmouth, Mary, brot. up to B. for bapt. 9 July 1665; and Hepzibah,
beside s. Phillips, Benjamin, Pelatiah, and Gershom; all liv. 1675,
when the Ind. war began. He d. 1681, leav. wid. Mary and most of
the ch. so bef. ment. but only three had fams. Mary m. John Palmer
of F.; Hepzibah m. a Mortimore; and the wid. Robert Lawrence,
and in 1690, Stephen Cross. GEORGE, Braintree, s. of the preced. by
w. Mary had Josiah, wh. d. without ch.; Mary; and ano. d. b. aft. he
made his will, 25 Feb. 1697; and he d. next yr. JOHN, Falmouth, br.
of the preced. was k. by the Ind. in their assault, 11 Aug. 1676, and left
wid. and only ch. Huldah, so that the name was soon extinct, exc. as it
is preserv. in the hill on wh. stands the observatory in the beautiful city
of Portland. See Willis, I. 93, 170. Munjoy was easily adopt. from
the sound of old Mountjoy; but the ancestor in our country always used
the shorter form. WALTER, Marblehead 1668, petitnr. against imposts.

    MUNNINGS or MULLINGS, EDMUND, Dorchester, came in the Abigail,
1635, aged 40, with w. Mary, 30; and ch. Mary, 9; Ann, 6; and
Mahalaleel, 3. At D. had Hopestill, b. 15 Apr. 1637; Returned, 7
Sept. 1640; and Takeheed, 20 Oct. 1642. He was a propr. late as
1658, but had prob. gone home, I think, to Malden, Co. Essex, there,
at least was somehow connect. with Joseph Hills, who bef. com. over
had given M. L11 in a bill for bring. one bullock for the use of H.
GEORGE, Watertown, came from Ipswich, Co. Suff'k in the Elizabeth,
1634, aged 37 with w. Elizabeth 41; and ch. Elizabeth 12; and Abigail, 7;
freem. 4 Mar. 1635; perhaps had Rebecca, wh. m. 14 Jan. 1652, Edmund
Maddooks at Boston; was active in ch. and town, lost an eye in
serv. of the Pequot war 1637; was an orig. propr. of Sudbury but
resid. at Boston 1645, sev. yrs. kept the gaol, and d. at B. 24 Aug. 1658.
His will, made the day bef. names w. Johanna, to wh. he gave his est.
She had, I judge, been wid. of Simon Boyer. See Geneal. Reg. VIII.
354. Farmer has noted the misprint of his name in the Christian Examiner
for 1828, p. 501. GEORGE, Boston, s. prob. of the preced. by
w. Hannah had George, b. 24 Nov. 1655; Elizabeth 19 Mar. 1657; Elisha,