Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p253


Volume 3, Page 253

had Robert, b. 9 Dec. 1688; John, 26 July 1690; Mary, 26 Sept.
1692; and others. One Robert, prob. the f. d. there 11 June 1741, and
ano. Robert, perhaps his s. d. 19 June 1756.

    MULLERY, JOHN, Boston, by w. Abigail had Elizabeth b. 16 Nov. 1672;
John, 28 Jan. 1674; Ann, 26 Aug. 1677; Abigail, 8 Jan. 1681, Susanna,
3 Apr. 1684; :Robert, 17 Nov. 1686; and Joseph, 16 May 1688;
beside Sarah, bapt. B Jan. 1690; and Benjamin, 29 Nov. 1691.

    MULLINER, THOMAS, New Haven 1640, was a gr. purchas. of Branford,
by its Ind. name of Totoket, in that yr. had div. of lds. there in
1646 and 8. THOMAS, New Haven, prob. s. of the preced. sold out his
lds. at Bradford 1651, by w. Martha had Martha, b. 4 July 1656; and
Elizabeth 10 June 1658, rem. a. 1658 to West Chester, and there was liv.
in 1691 with w. Martha.

    MULLINS or MOLINES, WILLIAM, Plymouth, came in the Mayflower
1620, with w. two ch. Joseph and Priscilla, and a serv. Robert Carter;
but the w. d. a few days bef. or aft. him, who d. 21 Feb. 1621; and the
s. and serv. d. the same season; but his d. Priscilla m. John Alden, and
had eleven ch. WILLIAM, Duxbury 1642, may have been s. of the
preced. left by his f. in Eng. or Holland, and aft. came to join the surviv.
friends. He had lds. in Middleborough. Good est. as well as
charact. is told of the pilgrim. WILLIAM, Boston, m. 7 May 1656,
Ann, wid. of Thomas Bell.

    MUMFORD, EDMUND, Boston, m. Elizabeth wid. of Joshua Carwithy of
the same, a. 1663; but I kn. no more. PELEG, Kingstown, s. of
Thomas the first, had two ws. it is said, Mary, d. of Ephraim Bull, and
Mary, perhaps d. of the sec. John Coggeshall, yet there is some
uncertain. a this, for his s. Peleg is also said to have m. that d. of
Ephraim Bull. In the will of the f. however, pro. 1741, are nam. his
ch. Peleg; Mary Hanson; Sarah Barber; Elizabeth Foster; and Hannah
Hopkins; beside Samuel, Peleg, Thomas, Abigail, and Content.
His kinsman, William Mumford, was made excor. STEPHEN, Newport,
came from London 1664, and was the first preach. of the sect of seventh
day Bapt. wh. prevails in a part of the State. I presume he had
descend. THOMAS, Newport, had Thomas, b. 1656; Peleg, 1659;
George; and Abigail, wh. m. 1 May 1682, Daniel Fish. Yet he does
not appear a constant resid. at N. tho. he join. with Brenton, John Hull,
and others in purch. and settlem. of Pettaquamscuck. Possib. the name
is the same Mountfort. The name of his w. is not kn. nor the time
of his d. but it was bef. 1692. THOMAS, prob. of Kingstown, eldest s.
of the preced. by w. Abigail (whose surname is not told), had Thomas,
b. 1 Apr. 1687; George, 15 July 1689; Joseph, 17 Sept. 1691; William,
18 Feb. 1694; Benjamin, 10 Apr. 1696; and Richard, 6 Sept.