Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p221

Volume 3, Page 221

an occassion of blunder, even for so famous a man, whom he calls matchless,
he had on p. 166 of the same Book, told us he was b. 1624,
Halifax, in the W. riding of Yorksh. In 1662, he, with Gookin, were
made first licensers of the press in Mass. He had good est. the inv.
being L786,17,9. Ever writer who has ment. the famous men of the
early days of our country, has told of Mitchell, and the oversight of call.
his f. Jonathan, instead of Matthew, by Sprague, in Annals of the
American Pulpit, would seem too trivial to be noticed here, did not the
minute statem. of his m. require correction: "Margaret S. daur. of his
predecessor, by his first m;" seems to bear on its face, the stamp of exact
truth. But as accura. relat. is always desira. it may be told, the only d.
of Shepard by his first w. d. inf. and this Margaret who m. Mitchell was
the third w. of S. not his ch. MATTHEW, Charlestown, came 1635,
with Rev. Richard Mather, in the James, of Bristol, bring. w. and ch.
David, and Jonathan, perhaps more, rem. to Concord, and soon to
Springfield, there sign. compact with Pynchon and others in May 1636,
soon aft. to Saybrook for short time, where, in the Pequot war, he was
protect. by Lyon Gardiner, but he says the Ind. took one of the "old
man. and roasted him alive." He was in 1639 at Wethersfield a
short time, and next yr. made their town clk. but soon went to Stamford,
and in 1643, with Rev. Richard Denton, to Hempstead, L. I. perhaps
back again, soon to Stamford, there d. in 1645. He was rep. in 1637,
but not, as Mather makes him, one of the Assist. of the Col. that yr.
MATTHEW, Stratford, s. of David, of the same, rem. to Southbury, by
Mary, youngest d. of John Thompson the first of Stratford, who d. 18
Jan. 1711, had Mary, bapt. Feb. 1679; Jonathan, July 1683; Mary,
again, July 1687; and David, Oct. 1692. He was deac. and d. 1736.
THOMAS, New Haven, had Elizabeth bapt. 22 Feb. 1652, who m. 5 Dec.
1672, Philip Alcock; and in his will, 1 0ct. 1659 nam. w. Elizabeth who was
prob. sec. and her d. Elizabeth; his other ch. ment. is Hannah, but he may have
been adult. He d. late in 1659, or early in 1660,: the inv. being of 2 Mar. in this
yr. The wid. m. Jeremiah Whitnell, prob. in 1662. THOMAS, Malden, m.
Nov. 1655, Mary Moulton. THOMAS, Boston, by w. Ann, had Elizabeth b.
19 Oct. 1664. THOMAS, Block Island 1684, was troubled by a French
invasion, 1689, as Niles, a fellow-sufferer, tells in his Ind. wars, 3 Mass.
Hist. Coll. VI. 272. He liv. there any yrs. WILLIAM, Newbury, m.
7 Nov. 1648, Mary Sawyer, had Mary, b. 31 Aug. 1649; John, 21 May
1651; William, 1 Mar. 1653; and Eliz. posthum. 15 Mar. 1655. He
d. 6 July 1654; and his wid. m. 8 Dec. 1656, Robert Savory. WILLIAM,
Charlestown, d. 23 Jan. 1678. Nine of this name had been gr.
at Harv. in 1826, and seventeen at Yale.

    MITCHELSON, oftener MICHELSON or MITCHENSON (as the vulgar