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Volume 3, Page 172

wh. d. 28 Nov. or as town rec. says, 1 Dec. 1702, hav. borne to
him nine ch. of wh. five d. young, three bef. bapt. and he m. 18 Aug.
1703, Elizabeth d. of Dr. John Clark, wid. of Richard Hubbard, mariner,
with a good est. had six more ch. of wh. Rev. Samuel, b. 30 Oct. bapt.
3 Nov. 1706, H. C. 1723, attained no humble share of celebrity; and
she d. 18 Nov. 1713. He next m. 5 July 1715, Lydia, d. of Rev. Samuel
Lee, wid. of John George, wh. long surv. On 3 Jan. preced. he
had writ. to Colman, saying he had "no manner of prospect of return.
unto" the married state; tho. "I have no doubt foolishly eno. been
ready to fall into this weakness." Hardly any more curious letter can
be found in the Geneal. Reg. See V. 60. In less than a yr. aft. his m.
with this d. of Lee, her sis. Catharine, by sudden death of her h. Henry
Howell, was left with two ch. of two and three yrs. of age, to wh. in
evil hour, M. was appoint. guardian, and suffer. much anxiety in conseq.
See 4 Mass. Hist. Coll. II. 122. Twelve of his ch. with dates of bapt.
and names, are in the appendix to Rev. Chandler Robbins's Hist. of the
2d ch. but six of them are by the sec. w. In the pious labor of his s.
Rev. Samuel, on the biography of his f. he is more copious than exact.
The most agreeable of all the copious writings of Mather, will, perhaps,
be found in some apologues design. to magnify the merits of his f. in
obtain. the new chart. for wh. however, little favor was found in the
mind of Calef. They may be seen in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 126, 133.
But his epistolary exercises are most frequent. refer. to, and they are
very num. As the sample of big style, and also highly illustrat. the
politics of the day, that his f. was too much engag. in for the larger
part of his life, the reader will glad. turn to the letters in 1 Mass. Hist.
Coll. III. admonish. Gov. Dudley by f. and s. each, as if in rivalry,
more venomous than the other. ELEAZER, Northampton, s. of Richard,
was the first min. at N. ord. 18 June 1661, m. 29 Sept. 1659, Esther,
youngest d. of Rev. John Warham, had Eunice, b. 2 Aug. 1664; Warham,
7 Sept. 1666, H. C. 1685; and Eliakim, 22 Sept. 1668; and d.
24 July 1669, only 3 mos. aft. his f. His wid. m. Rev. Solomon Stoddard,
success. of her h. outliv. him, and d. 10 Feb. 1736, in her 92d yr.
Eunice m. Rev. John Williams, and was k. by the Ind. the day aft. the
capt. of Deerfield by them and their French allies, 29 Feb. 1704;
Eliakim d. bef. mature age; but the other ch. freem. of Mass. 1690, aft.
some yrs. preach. and many yrs. teach. sch. sat down at New Haven,
was judge of Pro. Ct. and there d. 12 Aug. 1745. INCREASE, Boston,
youngest br. of Eleazer, hav. tak. at Harv. his A. B. went at 18 yrs. of
age to his br. Samuel at Dublin, and studied there for his A. M. in
1658, preached in sev. places, as Co. Devon and Isle of Guernsey, leav.
the latter aft. the restorat. but. ret. at the end of Aug. 1661, to N. E.