Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p164


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Volume 3, Page 164

Farmer, US. had, in 1834, been gr. at the coll. of N. E. but as at Harv.
was none, I think he may have includ. those who spell. the last syl.
with y, two being, early at Harv. with this form, as very oft. in some rec.
are the preced. found. Uniform use of that letter prob. belongs only to
the New Hampsh. fam.

    MARTYN, EDWARD, New Hampsh. 1674, may have been s. of John
of Dover. RICHARD, Portsmouth, was one of the found. of the first
ch. there 1671, rep. 1672 and 9, speaker of tbe ho. and a couns. of the
Prov. 1680, d. 2 Apr. 1694. He had Richard, b. 10 Jan. 1660, H. C.
1680; Elizabeth 31 July 1662; Hannah, 2 Jan. 1665; Michael, 3 Feb. 1667;
John, 9 June 1668; and Elias, 18 Apr. 1670. He m. sec. w. Mary, wid.
of John Denison, d. of Hon. Samuel Symonds of Ipswich, and third w.
was Mary, wid. of Samuel Wentworth. RICHARD, Portsmouth, s. of
the preced. was a sch.-master, and preach. but prob. did not wish for
sett. but d. 6 Dec. 1690.

    MARTUGAL, SAUNDERS, sw. 9 May 1667, as freem. of Conn. if
Trumbull has correct. giv. the odd name in Col. Rec. II. 8. What
town he liv. at is unkn. but in 1669, as this name is not among the freem.
of any town, it may be thot. he was d. or rem.

    MARVIN, JOHN, Lyme, eldest s. of the sec. Reynold, m. 7 May 1691,
Sarah, d. of Henry Graham or Grimes, had Sarah; Mary; John, b. 9
Aug. 1698; Elizabeth; Joseph, 1703; Benjamin; Mehitable; and Jemima;
and d. 11 Dec. 1711. His wid. m. Richard Sears, and d. 14 Dec. 1760,
aged 90. JOHN, Norwalk, s. of the sec. Matthew, m. 22 Mar. 1704,
Mary Beers, had John, b. 22 July 1705; Nathan, 4 Mar. 1708; Seth, 13
July 1709; David, 24 Aug. 1711; Elizabeth 23 Oct. 1713; Mary, 20 Dec.
1716; and Elihu, 10 Oct. 1719. His w. d. 17 Apr. foll. and on 27
Apr. 1721, he m. Rachel, d. of Matthias St. John, and had Hannah, 4
Dec. 1722; Joseph, 20 May 1724; Rachel, 24 Dec. 1725, d. in two
days; Benjamin, 14 Mar. 1728, d. in three days; Rachel, again, 27
Mar. 1729; Sarah, 18 May 1733, d. in three days; and Ann, 7
Sept. 1741. MATTHEW, Hartford 1638, an orig. propr. came in the
Increase, 1635, from London, aged 35, a husbandman, with w. Elizabeth
31, and ch. Elizabeth in the custom-ho. rec. call. 31, prob. by error for
11; Matthew, 8; Mary, 6; Sarah, 3; and Hannah, 6 mos. He was
one of the orig. grantees of Norwalk, and sett. there 1653, rep.
next yr. At Hartford he had Abigail, b. bef. 1641; Samuel, bapt. 16
Feb. 1648; and Rachel, 30 Dec. 1649; and d. 1687. Elizabeth m. John
Olmstead, surv. him and made her will 15 Oct. 1689; Mary m. 11 Oct.
1648, Richard Bushnell of Saybrook, and in 1680, deac. Thomas Adgate
as sec. h. had ch. by ea. and d. 29 Mar. 1713, aged 84; Sarah m.
Oct. 1648, William Goodrich of Wethersfield; Hannah m. Jan. 1654,
Thomas Seymour; Abigail m. 1 Jan. 1657, John Bouton; and Rachel