Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p94


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Volume 2, Page 94

ninth generat. JOHN, Hartford, had Sarah, b. 18 July 1670; Mary, 26 Dec.
1672; Sarah, 15 Nov. 1675; John, 10 Jan. 1679; Mary, 1 Oct. 1681; Mehitable,
17 Jan. 1683; Abigail, 16 Mar. 1687; and John, 22 Oct. 1689. JOSEPH,
Cambridge, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. early to Hartford, where he had
Joseph, John, and perhaps other ch. and was liv. 1685. ‡ * NICHOLAS,
Ipswich, one of the earliest sett. a tanner, of Lymington, Co. Haints, came in the
Mary and John, 1634, took the o. of alleg. and suprem. on the other side of the
ocean, 26 Mar. 1634, and as freem. of Mass. 3 Sept. 1634, was rep. 1635,
and that yr. rem. to Newbury, but being a favorer of Wheelwright, was
disarm. in Nov. 1637, and went to Rhode Isl. there in 1638, was chos.
Assist. A sec. w. Christian, wid. of Thomas Beecher, wh. had been wid. of
Thomas Copper of London, bef. Beecher brot. her, in 1630, to Charlestown,
he m. early in 1638, and she prob. was mo. of sev. of his ch. but as she
liv. to 20 Feb. 1665, we may presume that by third w. m. 2 Mar. 1671, Ann
Clayton, he had no issue. His ch. were John, b. 1621; and perhaps, Daniel;
certain. Peter, bef. com. from Eng. but after had Joshua; Nicholas; Mary,
wh. m. Weston Clark; Patience; Elizabeth; and Waite, wh. m. John Carr. He was
Presid. in 1672 and 3, was Gov. d. 15 Aug. 1675, aged 82. His wid. Ann m. 28
Mar. 1677, Gov. Henry Bull, and d. 30 Jan. 1708. NICHOLAS, Newport, s. of
Peter, m. 30 Nov. 1666, Elizabeth d. of James Barker, in his will of 1676, names
ch. Nicholas, wh. was b. 24 Feb. 1668; and I Elizabeth 6 Dec. 1669; Freelove, 12
Mar. 1671; uncles Daniel, and John, brs. John, Peter, and Joshua, sis. Mary,
Patience, Elizabeth and Waite. His w. Elizabeth d. 6 July 1676; and he d. 1 Feb. foll.
PETER, Newport, s. of Nicholas, b. in Eng. freem. 1655, m. 15 Nov. 1643, Ann, d.
of John Coggeshall, wh. bore him Nicholas, b. 12 Nov. 1644; John, 6 Feb. 1647; Mary,
25 Sept. 1648; Peter, 1 Feb. 1651, d. soon; Ann, 9 Feb. 1653, d. at 23 yrs.; Patience,
20 Nov. 1655; Wait, 25 July 1657, d. soon; Peter, again, 11 Jan. 1659, d. at
31 yrs.; Joshua, 30 July 1662, d. under 28 yrs.; James, 29 Jan. 1665, d.
young; Elizabeth 18 Feb. 1666; Waite, again, 8 Nov. 1668; and James, again, 7
Oct. 1671. His w. was d. of the first John Coggeshall, and d. 6 Mar. 1687,
aged 61; and he d. 12 Dec. 1693, aged 71. Patience m. 1 Jan. 1675, Robert
Malins, and d. the same day with her h. 26 Aug. 1679. Much of the ld. of
this first Peter is now enjoy. by descend. of ninth generat.

    EASTOW, * WILLIAM, Newbury, freem. 13 Mar. 1639, rem. that yr. to
Hampton, for wh. he was rep. 1644, 8 and 9, d. 23 Nov. 1655; had Sarah, wh.
m. Maurice Hobbs; and Mary, m. Thomas Marston. Each of these had ch. nam.
in their gr.f.'s will of 16 Oct. preced. his d.

    EASTY or ESTY, ISAAC, Topsfield 1661, perhaps s. of Jeffry, freem. 1673.
The name of Mary E. his w. d. of William Town, tried 9, execut.