Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p560

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Volume 2, Page 560

1686, and liv. at Oxford with those other noble exiles, until driv. away
by the Ind. in Aug. 1696, when he says. tradit. that may in this
case be nearer the truth than common, his cousin Susan Johnson, whose
h. and three ch. were then k. On 18 Apr. 1701, he m. her, had Zechary,
b. 20 Jan. 1702; Susan, 18 Apr. 1703; Daniel, 19 Mar. 1704, d. at 17
yrs.; Andrew, 21 June 1705; Marian, 17 Aug. 1706; and Francis, 30
Nov. 1709. His w. d. after 1731, and he d. June 1748. His will, of
29 May in that yr. names the three surv. s. only, with childr. of d.
Marian Boyer, dec.

    JONES, ABEL, Northampton, freem. 1690. * ABRAHAM, Hull, 1657,
freem. 1673, was rep. 1689. In his will of 8 Jan. 1717, with a P. S.
of 21 of the same, made when he was "full of days," he ment. w. Sarah
and his seven s. Benjamin, Thomas, Abraham, Josiah, Joseph, John, and
Ephraim. ABRAHAM, Hull, perhaps s. of the preced. freem. 1680. Ano. Abraham
perhaps was freem. 1690. ALEXANDER, Portsmouth 1631, wh. m. a d. of Thomas
of the same, and had Alexander, was one of those sent by Mason, the
patentee. BENJAMIN, Bristol, s. prob. of the first Robert, had w. Bathshua
in 1688. BENJAMIN, Waterbury, among early sett. m. 2 May 1661, Hannah
of Milford, had Benjamin, b. June 1662, wh. d. young; and Benjamin,
again, minor at the d. of his f. 30 Dec. 1690. BENJAMIN, Malden
1681, perhaps is the man wh. m. at Hingham, Dec. 1686, Susanna Beal; but
this name is repeat. in six or seven generat. at H. and no details can I obtain.
BENJAMIN, Gloucester, s. of Thomas, m. 22 Jan. 1678, Elizabeth Wills, says
Babson, wh. adds, they had four ch. there, but he does not name them,
and only says, none of the fam. were there aft. 1686. BENJAMIN,
New Haven, m. 20 Nov. 1687, Hannah Brown, is by some suppos.
to be s. of dept.-gov. William; and their liberality extends to furnish. him a sec.
w. and large fam. of ch. but I cannot accept the progeny, as it seems too
recent. BENJAMIN, New Haven, s. of Benjamin of Waterbury, sold, in
1715, the ld. of his f. but contin. to reside there, and Bronson says, had
Benjamin, Hannah, Ruth, Vinson, Martha, and Ebenezer betw. 1706 and
1722. BENONI, Northampton, s. of Griffith, m. 23 Jan. 1689, Esther, d.
of John Ingersoll, wid. of William Gurley, had Jonathan, b. 4 Jan. 1695, d.
young; Benjamin, 1696; Ebenezer, 12 Nov. 1698; and Jonathan, again, 3 Mar.
1703. The last two with the f. were k. by the Ind. 13 May 1704, when the mo.
was tak. away to Canada, and d. there next yr. CHARLES, wh. came 1635, aged
21, in the Abigail from London, may be thot. br. of Thomas, wh. came at the
same time in that sh.; if so was prob. of Dorchester. CORNELIUS, Stamford
1670, call. sen. so that perhaps he had s. of the same name. DAVID,
Dorchester, freem. 1665, m. 11 May 1659, Sarah, d. of Clement Topliff, had
Jonathan, b. 9, bapt. 11 Mar. 1660, d. under 22 yrs.; Elizabeth 7, bapt. 14 Sept.
1662, d. under 20 yrs.; David, 20, bapt. 27 Nov. 1664; John, 8, bapt. 12 May
1667; Praise-ever, 18 Nov. 1671; and Jonathan, again, 29 May 1683. His w. d.
13 Oct. foll. aged 44; and he d. 27 Sept. 1694, aged 66. His will of 3 Aug.
preced. that names only s. Praisever, and Jonathan with gr.s. David, may be
read in Lib. XIII. Prob. he was that soldier of Turner's comp. wh. with a few
others did not march all the way to the place of their hard serv. on Conn.
riv. but was left at Quaboag, 4 Mar. 1676. DAVID, Dorchester, s. of the
preced. was a cordwainer, freem.