Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p505


Volume 2, Page 505

when that town was incorp. by separat. from Saybrook in 1667, hav.
other ch. Elizabeth and Mary. He m. sec. w. 1669, Marg Barnes,had
Sarah, and Alice by her, and d. 1676. Aaron had w. Mary; Moses m.
18 Jan. 1680, Abigail Comstock; and descend. of both are num.

    HUNTON, WILLIAM, Hampton 1644, perhaps had Philip, wh. is seen
in New Hampsh. 1689. It may be, descend. double the o.

    HUNTRESS, GEORGE, Portsmouth 1688, was of the gr. jury that yr.
and in the next, with many others, pray. for jurisdict. of Mass. to be
extend. to them.

    HURD, ADAM, Stratford, br. of John the first, liv. there 1650 to 69,
had w. Hannah, and s. John. BENJAMIN, Boston, s. of John of the
same, had w. Elizabeth but both d. 1679, leav. one ch. Elizabeth b. 28 Feb. 1677.
BENJAMIN, Stratford, s. of John the sec. of the same, m. Sarah, d. of
Abraham Kimberly. JACOB, Charlestown 1670, br. of the first Benjamin, m.
21 Dec. 1675, Ann Willson, was freem. 1680, and d. 7 Sept. 1694, in 42d yr.
He had Jacob, b. 21 Sept. 1676, wh. d. 23 Sept. 1749; Ann, bapt. 10 Apr.
1681, d. soon; Ann, again, 10 Dec. 1682; John, b. 13, bapt. 17 May
1685; Nathaniel, 15 Feb. 1691; and Elizabeth 23 Apr. 1699. Nathaniel,
wh. was the earliest engraver on copper in our country, and engrav. the
seal of Harv. coll. was a gr. gr.s. The name was often in Boston writ.
Hord. * JOHN, Windsor, among first sett. but not, like most of them,
from Dorchester, rem. with the early sett. to Stratford, rep. 1649, 56 and
7, still in 1671 a promin. man. He was prob. f. of one of the two Johns of
S. in the next generat. ment. below. JOHN, Boston 1639, by w. Mary had
John, b. 5, bapt. 18 Aug. 1639; Hannah, bapt. 20 Sept. 1640; John,
again, 17 July 1643; Joseph, b. 10, bapt. 15 Sept. 1644; Benjamin, 28
Nov. 1652; Jacob; Samuel, 14 Mar. 1655; and Mehitable, 21 Dec.
1667. He was a tailor, freem. 13 May 1640, and d. 23 Sept. 1690.
JOHN, a freem. of Mass. 1652, was, perhaps, a weaver of Lynn, with
w. Elizabeth in 1657. JOHN, Stratford, the freem. 1669, prob. s. of the first John,[1] m.
10 Dec. 1662, Sarah, d. of John Thompson of S. had, as we learn from the will of
her br. John (wh. d. 1681), bec. sen. by d. of his f. and he had John, b. 16 Dec.
1664; Sarah, 17 Feb. 1666; Hannah, 27 Sept. 1667; Isaac, 2 June 1669;
Jacob, 16 Nov. 1671, prob. d. young, as he is not nam. in the will of his f.;
Mary, 15 Aug. 1673; Esther, Aug. 1676; and Abigail, Feb.1679. He d. 4
Feb. 1682, and Cothren makes John jr. of S. d. the same day, perhaps bec.
the two cous. were m. on the same. His wid. wh. m. the first Thomas Barnum,
and surv. him, d. 24 Jan. 1718, aged 76. His d. Mary m. Richard Barnum.
JOHN, Stratford, s. of Adam, call. jun. to disting. him from the preced. m.
10 Dec. 1662, Ann Judson, wid. of Joshua, had Sarah, b. 10 Dec. 1664;
Joseph, Feb. 1666; Benjamin, 16 Feb. 1667; Ebenezer, 9 Nov. 1668;
Ruth, 12 Feb. 1670; and John, 17 Aug. 1673. He early rem. to Woodbury.
JOSEPH, Boston, br. of Benjamin, by w. Sarah had Sarah, Mehitable,
Martha, and Mary. Five of this name had been gr. at Harv. in 1811.

    HURLBUT or HURLBERT, JOHN, Middletown, s. of Thomas, m.
Mary, d. of the first John Deming, had John, b. 8 Dec. 1671; Thomas 20
Oct. 1674; Ebenezer, 17 Jan. 1683; David, 11 Aug. 1688; beside ds.