Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p5


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Volume 2, Page 5

Naomi Crosswell, had Thomas, bapt. at Charlestown, 25 Mar. 1694; and other ch.
of wh. sec. s Caleb was f. of Rev. James, H. C. 1753, D.D. f of Hon. Samuel
W., Y. C. 1775
, Senator of U. S.; and third s. Richard, b. 7 July 1700, H. C.
1718, m. 31 Jan. 1737, Lydia Trowbridge (wh. d. at Boston 17 May 1772), was f.
of Rev. Edmund, H. C. 1759, wh. had a curacy at Wroxeter near Shrewsbury in
Co. Salop, in Eng. d. 1823, and Francis, H. C. 1762, ambass. to Russia and Ch.
J. of the commonw. of Mass. wh. d. 26 Apr. 1811; and d. 10 Oct. 1749, and his
wid. Naomi
d. 24 Feb. 1751, aet. 82; and a fourth s. was Ebenezer of Pomfret
JACOB, Cambridge, eldest br. of the preced. that surv. infancy, by w. Patience
had two s. Samuel, and Jacob, and five ds. and d. at C. 1699. He was gr.f. of
Anderson D. k. in the massacre at Wyoming, 1779, wh. was f. of Rev. Sylvester,
Y. C. 1797, min. of Orford, N. H. JOSEPH, Concord, br. of the preced. m. 1682,
Mary, d. of the sec. Thomas Goble of Charlestown, had one ch. wh. d. young,
and Joseph, b. 22 Sept. 1685, wh. went to Conn. and prob. had fam. RICHARD,
Cambridge, m. Ann Bullard, had John, b. 15 Apr. 1649, d. in six mos.; Hannah,
8 July 1651; Samuel, 13 Oct. 1653, d. next mo.; Jacob, 2 Feb. 1655; Joseph, 21
May 1666; Benjamin, 20 Feb. bapt. 8 Apr. 1660; Elizabeth 27 Apr. 1662; Daniel, 20
Mar. bapt. 3 Apr. 1663; d. Abiah, d. young; Deliverance, 5 Mar. 1667; Sarah,
wh. d. 11 Jan. 1670; and Sarah, again, 1 Jan. 1670; twelve in all, of wh. one
d. prob. Hannah, m. Samuel Oldham; one, perhaps Elizabethperhaps Deliverance[1], m.
Daniel Woodward; and Sarah m. Samuel Hyde. The time of his d. by a fall in his
barn, is giv. 2 Apr. 1690, but the partit. of est. was not bef. 15 Apr. 1695,
when div. to wid. and four s. beside Oldham, Woodward, and Hyde is found.
Thirteen of this fam. had been gr. in 1839 at Harv. and thirteen at other N.
E. coll.

    DAND, JOHN, Boston 1641, clk. in the prothonotary's office (but I hear
not where), gave much trouble by join. others in petit. for enlargem. of
privilege 1645. Winslow describes him as liv. in ano. man's house at board
hire. He was not a freeholder. See our Gen. Court's Declarat. in Hutch. con.
211, one of the most curious papers in that invalua. collect. We might presume,
on his ill-success in Mass., that he went home, but Farmer says he was of
Dover 1654. Winthrop II. 262, 92-5. The learned auth. of "Gens Sylvestrina,"
one of the most agreeable books of genealogy ever print. says, the Dands were
"the most considerable fam. in the sixteenth cent. at Mansfield in
Nottinghamsh." Yet they were mercers, as he tells.

    DANDY, WILLIAM, Charlestown, prob. call. Davy in Frothingham, 181, was
in 1680 one of the tythingmen of the town. See Dady.

    DANE, DANIEL, Andover, s. prob. of Rev. Francis, by w. Deliverance