Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p479

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Volume 2, Page 479

and Elizabeth m. John Low. ARTHUR, Marshfield, only s. of the preced. m.
9 Dec. 1667, Elizabeth d. of Gov. Thomas Prince, tho. he had in 1660, been
fin. �5, for mak. propos. to her without assent of the f. had, as Miss
Thomas tells, Ebenezer, Thomas, Abraham, and Prince. HENRY, Duxbury
1633, may have been br. of the first Arthur, was a grantee of
Bridgewater 1645, but did not rem.; d. 1670, leav. wid. Mary, wh. d.
16 June 1674. His will of 28 Nov. 1670, beside w. ment. eight ch.
Joseph, Zoeth, John, Samuel, Sarah, Elizabeth Mary, and Abigail. * ISAAC,
Middleborough, youngest s. of John, m. Elizabeth d. of George Vaughan,
serv. in Philip's war, kept an inn 1684, d. 1724. Whether he had ch.
is not told. He was rep. 1689, 90, and 1 at Plymouth, and in 1692,
after the chart. of William and Mary, at Boston. * JABEZ, Duxbury,
br. of the preced. m. Bethia, only d. of Anthony Thacher, had Jabez, b.
13 Sept. or Nov. 1669; John, wh. d. one day old, 16 Jan. 1673; Bethia,
3 June 1674; Josiah, 6 Aug. 1676; John, again, 26 July 1679; Judah,
7 May 1683, d. at 6 mos.; Seth, 5 Jan. 1685, d. at 3 mos.; Samuel, 24
May 1686; Experience, 19 May 1687, d. soon; and Joseph, 14 Oct.
1692; was a lieut. in the war with Philip, sett. after at Bristol, was rep.
1689 and 90, and kept an inn. He was ancest. in the fourth generat. of
the late admirab. John Howland of Providence. � * JOHN, Plymouth,
of the ever honored passeng. wh. came in the Mayflower 1620 the latest
surviv. exc. John Alden, among the adult males; tho. a minor d. of
Isaac Allerton, Mary, wh. m. Elder Thomas Cushman, liv. more than 78
yrs. after the landing. He was a serv. or attend. of Gov. Carver, yet
he is in rank the thirteenth signer of the Covenant, 11 Nov. and was
reckon. as part of the fam. of Gov. Carver, wh. gave occasion, no doubt,
to the vain tradit. prevail. for the last century and a half that his w. Elizabeth
was d. of the Gov. who, perhaps, never had a ch. certain. brot. none.
Both the Gov. and his w. d. in the first season, and Howland, at the
time of their arr. 28 yrs. old, m. Elizabeth d. of John Tilley (wh. with his w.
a. soon after landing, leav. only this ch.), we are hardly permit. to doubt,
early in 1621, as his ch. John, b. 24 Feb. 1627, and Desire are nam. at the div.
of cattle 1627, and he seems to have counted as many heads at the partit. of lds.
1623-4. For correction of the long prevalent error, that he m. a d. of
Gov. Carver, we are indebted to Bradford's Hist. formerly part of the
N. E. Library of Prince, in the tower of O. s. ch. at Boston, discov.
1855, in the Library of the Bp. of London at Fulham. He was an
assist. 3 yrs. so early as 1633-5, and often a rep. and d. 23 Feb. 1673,
aged more than 80, and his wid. d. 21 Dec. 1687, aged 80. His will, of
29 Mar 1672, names ten ch. we may hope in the order of b. of each sex,
but we are ign. of the exact dates or sequence of any, exc. that John is
by it call. eldest, and Isaac, youngest, Jabez, and Joseph; Desire, wh. was