Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p466


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Volume 2, Page 466

    HOSIER, SAMUEL, Watertown, came, prob. in the fleet, 1630, with
Winthrop req. adm. 19 Oct. of that yr. and was rec. as freem. 18 May
foll. m. 13 Oct. 1657, prob. as sec. w. Ursula Streeter, wid. of Stephen, d.
1665, and in his will of 28 July, pro. 3 Oct. of that yr. He made her extrix.
names Charles Stearns his s., gives Stephen Payne and his childr. and to his
br.'s s. in Eng. and his sis. if liv. to Mrs. Prout, to his w.'s childr. and
to his s. Holland's childr. The wid. m. William Robinson of Dorchester, and
had Griffin Crafts, for fourth h.

    HOSKINS, often HASKINS, ANTHONY, Windsor, freem. 1654, m. 16 July 1656,
Isabel Brown, had Isabel, b. 16 May 1657; John, 14 Oct. 1659; Robert, 6 June
1662; Anthony 19 Mar. 1664; Grace, 26 July 1666; Rebecca, 3 Dec. 1668, d. at 5
yrs.; Jane, 3 Apr. 1671; Thomas, 14 Mar. 1673; and Joseph 28 Feb. 1675; his w.
d. 2 Oct. 1698; and he d. leav. large est. 4 Jan. 1707, when a the ch. but
Isabel and Rebecca were liv. ANTHONY, Windsor, s. of the preced. had Anthony,
b. 1 Sept. 1687, d. soon; Noah, 29 Aug. 1688; Hannah, 19 Jan. 1691; Mabel, 11
May 1692; Anthony, again; Zebulon, 6 May 1696; Ann, 1 Aug. 1699; Constant, 1
Jan. 1704; Alexander, 3 Mar. 1706; Sarah, 10 Dec. 1707; Jane, 18 Feb. 1709;
Joseph, and Benjamin, tw. 5 May 1710. * JOHN, Dorchester, came, perhaps, in the
Mary and John, req. adm. 19 Oct. 1630, and was made freem. 18 May foll. rep. 1637
rem. to Windsor, there d. in May or June 1648, leav. w. and only s. Thomas to
enjoy his est. as by his will of May 1648 appears in Trumbull, Col. Rec. I.
483. His wid. Ann, in will, 1660, gives to her s. Thomas, his ch. John, and the
w. of David Wilton. JOHN, of what place is unkn. freem. of Mass. 14 May 1634.
JOHN, Windsor, s. of Thomas, m. 27 Jan. 1678, Deborah, d. of Henry Denslow,
had there sev. ch. of wh. we kn. only Deborah, b. 2 June 1679; and Elizabeth He took sec.
w. 1699, Ruth, wid. of Joseph Peck. NICHOLAS, Portsmouth, sch.-master 1660.
ROBERT, Windsor, s. of the first Anthony, m. 27 Oct. 1686, Mary Gillett, had Robert, b.
7 Nov. 1687, wh. d. next yr. and he rem. to Simsbury. SAMUEL, New Haven, m.
in 1642, Elizabeth Cleverly. THOMAS, Dorchester, s. of John, b. prob. in Eng. was,
I think, the freem. of 6 May 1635, rem. to Windsor, m. 20 Apr. 1653, Elizabeth wid.
of Richard Birge, d. of William Gaylord, had John, b. 29 lay 1654. He was
excus. for infirm. 1650, from milit. duty, and d. 13 Apr. 1666; and his wid.
d. 22 Dec. 1675. WILLIAM, Scituate 1634, of wh. no more is told by Deane,
was of Plymouth after, freem. 1634, had a s. there, b. 30 Nov. 1647; and
Samuel, 8 Aug. 1654; and d. 7 Sept. 1695; Mary, prob. his d. m. 28 Nov. 1660,
Edward Cobb; Sarah, perhaps his d. m. 4 Dec. 1660, Benjamin Edson; and
perhaps ano. d. Elizabeth m. 7 July 1666, Ephraim Tilson. William, Taunton,
perhaps s. of the preced. m. 3 July 1677, Sarah, d. prob. of Thomas Casewell,
had Ann, b. 14 Feb. 1678; Sarah, 31 Aug. 1679; William, 30 June 1681; and
Henry, 13 Mar. 1683

    HOSMER, JAMES, Concord, came in the Elizabeth from London, 1635, aged
28; with w. Ann, 27; ds. Mary, 2; and Ann, 3 mos. and two maid serv. He was
of Hawkhurst, in Co. Kent; had here James, b. 1637; John, 1639; ano. d. Mary,
10 Jan. 1641, wh. d. 18 Aug. 1642, and the w. call. Mary, had d. 11 May 1641.
Soon he had ano. w. in the rec. call. Alice, by wh. was b. Stephen, 27 Nov. 1642; Hannah, 1644, and
Mary, 1646; and third w. Mary; but in ano. place this w. is nam.