Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p463

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Volume 2, Page 463

m. Richard W. was nam. Mary, but no other deduction of value could
be drawn. WILLIAM, Roxbury, had William, Thomas, and Hannah
bapt. at once, 6 May 1660; and Mary, 30 Mar. 1662; but the town rec.
gives none of the bs. exc. Hannah, 3 Jan. 1657; and ment. d. of s.
Ebenezer in 1674; and therefore we may suppose he was, at first, a
worshipper, not inhab. at R. tho. in 1657, he was made gr.-digger.
The s. Thomas in Wadsworth's comp. was k. by
the Ind. 21 Apr. 1676, and William was a soldier in 1676, at Northampton,
under capt. Turner, k. by the Ind. that yr.; and the f. d. says
Farmer, 28 Apr. but my copy of town rec. says 5 Nov. 1688. He is
then call. sen. His w. Hannah had d. and d. Mary in 1678. WILLIAM,
Providence, sw. alleg. in May 1668 (one mo. bef. his f. Thomas), m.
Abigail, d. of John Whipple, had William (wh. by w. Ruth, d. of Samuel
and Plain Wilkinson was f. beside three ds. and three other s.
of the venerab. Stephen, Gov. of the State, and immortal signer
of the Declarat. of Independ. as also of Esek a disting. naval
officer, in support of the same cause); there liv. thro. that war,
and was reward. for his constancy. Twenty-nine of this name
had been gr. in 1834 at the various N. E. coll. but not one at Harv.

    HOPKINSON, CALEB, Bradford, perhaps s. of Michael, m. 25 Nov.
1679, Sarah Wallingford. MICHAEL, Boston 1638, was in the employm.
of Jacob Eliot, says the rec. of the ch. when adm. 6 Jan. 1639, on 24
Nov. foll. was dism. for the gathering, of ch. at Rowley, where he liv.
freem. 13 May 1640, d. 1648, hav. I conject. m. a d. of Richard Swan
the first of R. and had Caleb, and John, wh. m. 8 June 1676, Elizabeth d. of
John Pearson; nam. in the will of Swan, 1678. Farmer thot. that John,
wh. d. 29 May 1704, and Jonathan, wh. d. 11 Feb. 1719, aged 76, at
R. were his s. and perhaps he had s. MICHAEL, for one of the name,
at a later day, m. Sarah, d. of Thomas Coleman of Newbury.

    HOPPER, DANIEL, New Haven, adm. freem. 22 May 1654. Possib.
the name should be Hooper.

    HOPPIN, NICHOLAS, Charlestown, call. s. of Stephen, had been of
Rye, in Conn. jurisdict. m. 1684, Susanna Jacklin, and, next, 13 Aug.
1707, Mabel Shippie, wid. as I judge, of the sec. Thomas; and d. or was
bur. at Christ ch. Boston, 31 Aug. 1731. STEPHEN, Dorchester 1633,
liv. on Thompson's isl. m. Hannah, eldest d. of Thomas Makepeace, had
in 1666, when only 42 yrs. old, Deliverance, John, Stephen, Hannah,
Sarah, Thomas, Opportunity, Joseph, and Benjamin, all nam. then in the
will of their gr.f. Some yrs. he was of Roxbury, for the rec. of that town
has Thomas, b. 21 Mar. 1655; and opportunity, 15 Nov. 1657, wh. m. 17
Jan. 1679, Thomas Lunt of Newbury. The name in Geneal. Reg. XI. 330,
is pervert. to Hoppie.

    HOPSON, see Hobson. JOHN, Guilford 1664, b. it is said 1610, wh. I
doubt, emb. 1635 at London in the Globe, was constable 1666, by w.
Sarah had John, b. 16 Mar. 1666; and Francis, wh. d. young. His w.
d. 9 Sept. 1669; and he at Saybrook m. 3 or 9 Dec. 1672, Eliz. d. of
Edward Shipman, had Eliz. b. 22 June 1674; Abigail, 17 Dec. 1677, d.