Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p44


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Volume 2, Page 44

Westfield. His wid. d. 26 Apr. 1703. All of this name in N. E. of wh. twelve
had been gr. in 1834 at N. E. coll. descend from Thomas.

    DEWHURST, HENRY, came in the Defence 1635, aged 35.

    DEWING, sometimes DEWEN, || ANDREW, Dedham, ar. co. 1644, freem.
1646, had there bapt. John, 17 Mar. 1650, d. soon; John, again, 29 June 1651;
Rachel, 27 June 1658; perhaps Jonathan; and others, beside one 19 Apr.
1663, whose name (perhaps Lydia, wh. m. 15 Dec. 1683, John Bacon) is not
giv. in the rec. and Ann, 6 May 1666, wh m. 17 Feb. 1686, Daniel Wight of the
. JONATHAN, Dedham, perhaps s. of the preced. m. Susanna, d. of John
Bacon of the same

    DEWOLF, BALTHAZAR, Wethersfield 1664, rem. to Lyme 1668, then had a
d. of age to live in a neighbor's fam.; Edward, Simon, and Stephen, wh. may
have been all, as was Simon, his s. (or not), join. with him in 1678, as mem.
of the town train band, in a petitn. EDWARD, Lyme, had Simon, b. 28 Nov.
1671; Charles, 18 Sept. 1673; Benjamin, 3 Dec. 1675; beside Edward, whose
date is not on the rec. SIMON, Lyme, s. of Balthazar, m. 12 Nov. 1682,
Sarah Lay, had Simon, b. 1683; Sarah, 1685; John, 1687; Josiah, 1689; Phebe,
1692; Daniel, 1693; and Jabez; and d. 1696. STEPHEN, Lyme 1676, had Edward,
b. a. 1686, and by a sec. w. Hannah, wh. surv. had others, and d. 17 Oct.

    DEXTER, FRANCIS, a youth of 13, came in the Planter 1635; but where
he liv. is unkn. GREGORY, Providence, preach. in the bapt. ch. 1643, had
been a printer and stationer in London, there brot. out that curious
book, Roger Williams's Key into the lang. of America, and his admirat. of
the author induc. him to foll. or accomp. him; was town clk. 1654, and
Presid. the yr. bef. d. at 90 yrs. it is said, in 1700. His ch. by w. Abigail
were Stephen, b. 1 Nov. 1647; James, 6 May, perhaps 1650, but the yr. is
not plain; John, 6 Nov. 1652; and Abigail, 24 Sept. 1655, wh. m. James Angel.
But in the later days, a descend. of the sixth generat. from Gregory has
enlarg., the fam. with Peleg, 1658. Thomas, I. 418. Knowles, 253, 270. JAMES,
Providence, s. prob. of Gregory, sw. alleg. May 1671, had, it is said, Peleg,
b. 1673; and Isabel, 1675, only. JOHN, Charlestown, or Malden, s. prob. of
Richard, by w. Sarah, it is said, had Sarah, b. 11 June 1674; and d. 8 Dec.
1677. This s. John had, it is said, eight ch. of wh. the sec. s. Samuel was
min. of distinct. at Dedham, and illustr. descend. to our day. JOHN,
Sandwich, s. of the sec. Thomas, m. 10 Nov. 1682, Mehitable, d. of the first
Andrew Hallet
, had Elizabeth b. 1 Nov. foll.; Thomas, 26 Aug. 1686; Abigail, 26
May 1689; rem. to Portsmouth, R. I. there was liv. 24 June 1717. JOHN,
Providence, br. of James of the same, prob. for he took the o. of alleg. at
the same time; and to him the fam. geneal. gives Stephen, b.