Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p376


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Volume 2, Page 376

count his ch. William; Walter; Ann, who m. 2 Nov. 1643, lieut. James Torrey,
the town clk.; Hannah, who m. 6 Dec. 1648, Samuel Utley; Jane, wh. m. John
Lovell of Weymouth, had John named in his gr.f.'s will; Jeremiah, bef. ment.
and this number is one more than he brot. from Eng. in 1635; so that I infer
he had brot. over, at a former time, the eldest, and left him or her here,
while he went for the rest of the fam. Besides I find a Lydia H. m. 19 Dec.
1650, at Barnstable, Henry Taylor. WILLIAM, Scituate, s. of the preced. b. in
Eng. m. 13 May 1652, Susanna, d. of Anthony Annable, had Lydia, b. 28 Apr.
1653, d. in 4 days; one other of the same name, 7 Jan. 1655; beside one of
more s. perhaps b. at Swanzey, whither he rem. and Deane says was liv. there
1690. He was, prob. the soldier in Philip's war. Lydia m. 1678 John Barstow
of Scituate. WILLIAM, Scituate, perhaps s. of Thomas, had w. Abigail, nam. in
his will of 13 Nov. 1653, to be extrix. and d. Phebe, but no other ch. is
ment. in the will; d. in Virginia, and his inv. here was made 7 Apr. 1657.
This is not consistent with Deane's acco. for he makes him to have been a
soldier in Philip's war, and had gr. of land, 1676; besides calling his ch.
Mary, b. 1652; Lydia, 1654; Phebe; and Hannah. Very likely the confusion is
not discoverable without diligent comparison betw. diff. classes of rec.
WILLIAM, New London, a. 1690. Four of this name had been gr. in 1834, at
Harv. three at Yale, and six at other N.E. coll.

    HATHAWAY or HADAWAY, ABRAHAM, Taunton, m. 28 Aug. 1684,
Rebecca Wilbore, d. perhaps of Shadrach. ARTHUR, Marshfield 1643, m. 20 Nov.
1653, Sarah Cook, perhaps d. of Rev. John, had John, b. 17 Sept. 1652; and Sarah, 28
Feb. 1656; ten yrs. later was at Dartmouth, and took o. of fidel. 1684, there.
* JOHN, Barnstable, perhaps came at 18 yrs. in the Blessing, 1635, from London,
m. 1 July 1656, Hannah Hallet, had s. b. Oct. 1647, d. soon; John, 16 Aug.
1658; Hannah, May 1662; and Edward, 10 Feb. 1664; rem. to Taunton, of wh. he
was rep. 1680-4 inclus. and 1691. JOHN, Dartmouth, s. of Arthur, was a
townsman 1686. JOSEPH, Taunton, freem. 1657, was perhaps br. of the first
John. Thirteen of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at the N.E. coll. of wh.
only one at Harv.

    HATCHETT, WILLIAM, found by Felt in Mass. 1641; but perhaps only a
transient visitor.

    HATHERLY, ARTHUR, Plymouth 1660. Deane. GEORGE, Boston, by w. Abigail
had George, b. 1676. 20 or 28 Oct. both being given in rec. THOMAS, Boston,
by w. Abigail, had Thomas, b. 1 July 1668, who m. 1693, Lydia Greene; Abigail,
8 Sept. 1670; and Samuel, 17 Mar. 1678. ‡ TIMOTHY, Scituate, came in the Ann,
1623, to Plymouth, went home next yr. was a merch. in London, and came for the
residue of his days, arr. in the Charles at Boston, 5 June, 1632, coming with
his w. from Barnstable, in Devon, where also is a parish of this name; he and