Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p321


Volume 2, Page 321

5 Apr. 1642; Elizabeth 27 Dec. 1652, wh. d. mid. of Mar. 1674; Thomas, 1 Apr. 1653;
John, 1656, d. young; Grace, wh. d. 3 Oct. 1658; and he d. 28 Oct. 1661. His
wid. Elizabeth and s. Lazarus were admors. The wid. m. 7 Apr. 1675, Philip
Atwood. THOMAS, Malden, perhaps s. of t he preced. m. 23 May 1668, Sarah,
d. of John Chadwick, had Thomas, b. Mar. foll.; Sarah, Nov. 1670; Andrew,
Oct. 1673.

    GROVES, JOHN, Kittery, m. Martha, d. of Michael Mitton, rem. to
Little Compton. Willis, I. 96. MATTHEW, a soldier in Philip's war on Conn.
riv. in wh. he d. His real surname was Legrove, and he, when press. for the serv.
was an apprent. of Elisha Ilsley of Newbury. * PHILIP, Hartford, early sett. was rep.
1642 and often after, but for Stratford, whither he rem. bef. 1650, was rul. elder, d. 1676;
and by will of 1673 provid. for w. Ann, and four "motherless ch." Nathaniel, Hannah,
Sarah, and Ruth, wh. were his and ch. of Nathaniel Porter. In codic.
Jan. 1676, one mo. bef. his d. he gave to his d. Elizabeth w. of said N. P. and to
her s. John. Also he gave to his sis. Susanna Grant, at Hanwell, near
Banbury, Oxfordsh. and to his br. John, liv. "a. 3 m. from Bristol, Eng. �12.
ea. to be paid, if possib. in "silver of N. E. currency."

    GROW, JOHN, Ipswich, m. 15 Dec. 1669, Hannah, d. of Robert Lord
of the same, had John, b. 3 Dec. foll. d. next yr.; Samuel, 3 Dec. 1671; John,
again, 16 Dec. 1673; Joseph, Sept. 1677; Hannah, 3 Jan. 1680; Nathaniel, 17
Sept. 1683; Thomas, 20 Oct. 1685; and William, 22 Nov. 1690; and d. 9 Jan.
1727. In 1669 he was aged 27. SAMUEL, Ipswich, s. of the preced. by w. Ruth
had Mary, b. 17 May 1695; Samuel, 31 Aug. 1696; and Ruth, 14 Feb. 1699. This
name to me seems much more likely to be Grove, but in the ancient form of
writ. u for v it was, perhaps, pervert.

    GRUBB, GABRIEL, Isle of Shoals 1677, or earlier, we may suppose, for
he d. a. that yr. THOMAS, Boston, 1633, leather dresser, numbered 160, when
he and w. Ann unit. with the ch. freem. 4 Mar. 1634, had d. Abiah, bapt. 5 Mar.
1637, and she d. that night; John, b. Aug. bapt. 2 Sept. 1638; Samuel, 5, bapt.
12 Dec. 1641; John, again, d. in Aug. 1644; Elizabeth bapt. 30 June 1644, d. in 4
mos.; Heman, 21, bapt. 22 Feb. 1646, a. 2 days old, d. little more than one and
a half yr. He was of some consequence, constable in 1646. Most of these ch.
he outliv. for in his will, pro. 6 Mar. 1674, in wh. he calls hims. aged a.
72, "as appears in a scrawl, taken out of the reg. where I was bapt." he
gave his est. "to the church," but left w. and s. to the same. Ano.
THOMAS, Boston, perhaps s. of the preced. so left to depend on the ch.
d. 15 July 1692 at B.

    GRUMAN, GRUMMAN or GROWMAN, JOHN, Fairfield, freem. 1 664, good
est. m. Sarah, d. of Michael Try, with wh. he had gain. it; long after 1670,
and d. without ch. tho. he had had some.