Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p238


Volume 2, Page 238

by her. Perhaps he was br. of Samuel; and his d. Damaris m. 17 Aug. 1692,
Nathaniel Coffin, the progenit. of Adm. Sir Isaac; and Dorcas m. 6 Dec.
1694, her cous. Jethro Starbuck.

Windsor, youngest s. of Walter, m. 18 Aug. 1686, Martha Thompson, had Martha,
b. 21 May 1687; Elizabeth 26 Nov. 1690; Eliezur, 26 Feb. 1695; Samuel, 9 Mar. 1697;
and Hannah, 4 Sept. 1700. JOHN, Dorchester 1632, one of two chos. by the town to
meet the Court of Assist. bef. any system of rep. had been formed. Whether he d. soon,
or went home, may long be unkn. but his name does not occur again. JOHN, Windsor,
youngest s. of William the first, prob. the only one of the ch. b. on this side of the
water, m. 17 Nov. 1653, Mary, d. of John Drake, had (tho. others may have
been b. and d.), John, b. 15 June 1656, wh. d. May 1664; Mary, 19 Jan. 1664;
John, again, 23 June 1667; and Elizabeth 19 Feb. 1671; is among the freem. 1669.
d. 31 July 1689, leav. wid. Mary. JOHN, Windsor, oldest s. of the sec.
William, was propound. for freem. 1671. Of him I read only that his s. John,
m. 13 Dec. 1683, at the age of 16, as Goodwin says, Mary, d. of Hon. Daniel
Clark, wh. was above 25, had John, b. 8 June 1686, Mary, and Ann, 20 Apr. 1700;
of wh. the last d. young; and he d. 29 Apr. 1699, of course a. 32 yrs. old. JOSEPH,
Windsor, s. of Walter, m. 14 July 1670, Sarah Standley, had Sarah, b. 11 July 1671;
Joseph, 22 Aug. 1673; John, 21 Aug. 1677; and perhaps more; rem. to Waterbury.
NATHANIEL, Windsor, youngest s. of the sec. William, m. 17 Oct. 1678, Abigail, d. of
Thomas Bissell, had Nathaniel, b. 23 Nov. 1681; Abigail, 13 Mar. 1684; Josiah, 24 Feb.
1686; Thomas, and Joseph, tw. 20 June 1690, of wh. the former d. next day; Elizabeth
28 July 1693; Ruth, 10 Apr. 1700; Esther, 8 Apr. 1702; and Rachel. He was a
lieut. and d. 26 Mar. 1720. His wid d. 23 Sept. 1723. SAMUEL, Windsor, s. of the first
William, b. in Eng. came with his f. to Dorchester; m. 4 Dec. 1646, Elizabeth Hull, prob. d. of
George, had Elizabeth b. 4 Oct. 1647; Mary, 10 Nov. 1649; Sarah, 18 Jan. 1652; Abigail, 29
Sept. 1653; Samuel, July 1657, wh. d. on serv. in the army 1690, leav. wid. but no ch.;
and Martha, June 1660. His w. d. 1680, and he m. 1682, as her fourth h.
Mary, wid. of lieut. William Allis of Hatfield, where he d. Sept. 1689.
Martha m. 30 Oct. 1679, Josiah Ellsworth. WALTER, Windsor, br. of the
preced. came with his f. to Dorchester, m. 29 Apr. 1648, Mary, d. of deac.
Edward Stebbins
of Hartford, had Joseph, b. 13 May 1649, wh. was one of
the first sett. at Waterbury, after of Durham; Mary, 19 Mar. 1651; Joanna,
5 Feb. 1653; Benjamin, 12 Apr. 1655; Isaac, 21 June 1657. His w. d. 29 June
1657, and he m. 22 Mar. 1658, Sarah, d. of William Rockwell, had Eliezur, 7
Mar. 1662; and Sarah, 13 Apr. 1665; d. 9 Aug. 1689; so that three of the
four s. of deac. William d. within few wks. Joanna m. 16 Dec. 1669, John
Porter. * WILLIAM, Dorchester, perhaps br. of John of the same, a deac.
chos. at the gather. of the ch. Mar 1630 at Plymouth, Eng. came in the
Mary and John, req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. of that yr. and was rec. 18 May
foll. rep. 1635, 6, and 8, rem. to Windsor, and was rep. near 40 sess. up to
1664, d. 20 July 1673, in 88th yr. All his ch. were b. in Eng. exc. John, and
it is not kn. that he was not. Elizabeth his only d. m. 5 Oct. 1641, Richard
Birge, and next, Thomas Hoskins. WILLIAM, Windsor, eldest