Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p202


Volume 2, Page 202

    FRAZER, COLIN, Newbury, but rem. to Rowley after some yrs. m. 10
Nov. 1685, Martha, d. of Duncan Stuart, had Simon, b. 19 Aug. 1686;
John, 1 Apr. 1688, d. young; Hannah, 31 Aug. 1692; John, again, 12
June 1694, wh. d. at Boston, aged 19 yrs.; Ebenezer, 27 July 1696;
Gershom, 8 Aug., 1697; Nathan, 8 Jan. 1700; Abigail, 21 Apr. 1701,
and Lawson, 14 Sept. 1704. WILLIAM, Portsmouth 1645.

    FREAKE, JOHN, Boston 1660, merch. with prefix of respect, m. 28
May 1661, Elizabeth d. of Capt. Thomas Clark, had Mary, b. 25 Mar. 1662;
Elizabeth 13 June 1663; Clark, 11 Oct. 1666; John, 8 Jan. 1668; Jane, 26
Oct. 1669; Mehitable, 5 Oct. 1670; Thomas, 29 Nov. 1672; and Mary,
6 May 1674; and he d. by explos. of ship from Virg. in Boston harbor,
4 May 1675, under 40 yrs. The wid. m. Elisha Hutchinson; and Mary
m. 6 May 1694, Josiah Walcot.

    FREATHY, JAMES, York, perhaps s. of William, took the o. of alleg.
22 Mar. 1680. WILLIAM, York, freem. of Mass. 22 Nov. 1652.

    FREEBORNE or FREEBOURNE, GIDEON, Portsmouth, R. I. only s.
of William of the same, by w. Sarah had Mary, b. 12 Feb. 1664, d. at 12
yrs.; Sarah, 14 Jan. 1667; Ann, 28 Mar. 1669; Martha, 8 Aug. 1671;
Susanna, 24 Mar. 1674; and Patience, 4 Mar. 1676; and by sec. w. m.
3 June 1678, Mary, wid. of John Lawton, d. of Matthew Broomer, or
some such name, had Mary, 24 Aug. 1679; William, 3 Feb. 1682;
Gideon, 29 Apr. 1684; Thomas, 5 Feb. 1688, d. the same yr.; beside
Mercy, wh. m. Thomas Coggeshall, and Comfort, wh. m. ano. Coggeshall.
Of the nine ds. we learn the m. of seven from the will of Susanna, a
kind old maid, that d. 21 Jan. 1723, naming, those sis. and their hs.
together with her br. Gideon's two brs.-in-law, eleven cous. and thirteen
nieces. WILLIAM, Boston, came in the Francis from Ipswich 1634,
aged 40, with w. Mary, 33; and ch. Mary, 7; and Sarah, 2; and serv.
John Aldburg, 14, wh. may be the counsellor of Andros 1687, as he was
a man of distinct. bef. this date. Freeborne first sat down in Mass. and
was sw. freem. 3 Sept. 1634, of course liv. in some other town, when his
s. Gideon was prob. b. and was a mem. of one of the chs. of the jurisdict.
but was, perhaps, of Roxbury, certain. not of that in Boston, where he
liv. in 1637, and was disarm. as a favorer of Wheelwright, went with the
disaffect. to R. I. there, in Mar. after, signed the civil coven. at Newport,
in 1655 was at Portsmouth the adjoin. town, and there d. 28 Apr. 1670,
aged 80 nearly, and his wid. Mary d. six days after of the full age of
80, if fam. tradit. be prefer. to the custom-ho. rec. of their embark. from
wh. we should calculate the h. to be 76, and the w. 69.

    FREEBY, NICHOLAS, Casco, n. 1680. Willis. 217.

    FREELOVE, MORRIS, Portsmouth, R. I. m. 9 Feb. 1681, Elizabeth d. of
Samuel Wilbore, and rem. to Freetown.