Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p184


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Volume 2, Page 184

of cattle in 1627, but came again, and was of Marshfield 1639, but in
1643 at Duxbury, had w. Ann, ch. William, b. a. 1634; Michael, bef.
ment.; Milicent, wh. m. John Carver; and Margaret; was a miller at
Duxbury, and an orig. propr. of Bridgewater, d. 28 Sept. 1676, aged
72; and his wid. d. 1 Sept. 1684. WILLIAM, Marshfield, s. of the
m. 4 Nov. 1658, Sarah, d. I suppose, of John Dingley, had
John, b. 1659; Mar., 1662; and Josiah, 1664. He was out on serv. in
the first day of Philip's hostil. 21 June 1675; and is said to have d.
1621, aged 88; and his wid. d. 1727, aged 78. His d. Mercy m. 27 May
1680, Samuel Thomas. His s. John, perhaps, rem. to Morristown, N. J.
WILLIAM, Charlestown, by w. Mary had William, b. 12 Oct. 1666, d.
young; and d. 1683; as is judg. by the time of the inv. 8 Feb. when the
only s. was Stephen.

    FORDHAM, JOHN, Southampton, L. I. 1641, was perhaps a relat. of
Rev. Robert, and some time inhab. of Hempstead d. 1647. JOHN, Southampton,
L. I. s. prob. of Rev. Robert, m. Mary, d. of John Maltby of New Haven, d. 1683.
JOSIAH, Brookhaven, L. I. s. of Rev. Robert, preach. first a. 1662, at
Hempstead, d. 1696 by the Harv. Catal. but Mather had not marked him
in 1698. He had Josiah, wh. after 1690, preach. a short time at
Setauket, and was of B. F. Thompson, Esq. the diligent
histor. of that region. ROBERT, Southampton, L. I. came, perhaps in
1640, perhaps earlier, in the sh. with Thomas Bittlestone; was a short
time at Cambridge, and, when Lechford left us in Aug. 1641, he was in
tempo. office at Sudbury; had w. Elizabeth and ch. Hannah, wh. m. Samuel
Clark, one d. m. lieut. Edward Howell, both of Hempstead, where he
preach. John, and Jonah, H. C. 1658, both above ment., Robert, and
Joseph. He may have been more at H. than at S. his name being first in
the Dutch Gov. patent for the town of Il. and he d. Sept. 1674.
Descend. are not few in that quarter.

    FORMAN or FURMAN, JOHN, and JOSIAH, Newtown, L. I. 1655.
JOHN, Newbury, Coffin says, had Abigail, b. 10 Nov. 1676; and John, 5
Oct. 1678. SAMUEL, prob. s. of on, of the preced. had visit. L. L but was
order. to go home in June 1675, because a Quaker, as in Riker's Ann.
of Newtown, 94, is well told; but that author, in his note 399, on the
deriv. of the fam. fell into the error of making John, the first
comer, freem. of Mass. 1631. Of this name there was no freem. in Mass.
and the nearest approach to it is that of Giles Firmin 1634, or of his
s. Giles 1639; but I venture to doubt that neither was progenit. of
this respectab. race. Samuel m. Mary, d. of Samuel Wilbore of
Portsmouth, R. I.

    FORREST, ARCHIBALD, at Hatfield, perhaps transient. a soldier
in Philip's war 1676.

    FORRETT, JAMES, agent of William, Earl of Stirling, for his
patent of L. I. was at Boston 1641. See Winthrop II. 5.

    FORSYTH, GILBERT, Hatfield, one of Turners soldiers 1676,
perhaps only transient.