Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p182


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Volume 2, Page 182

Oct. 1762, aged 89. Twenty-three of this name had, in 1834, been gr.
at N. E. coll. of wh. none at Harv.

    FOOTMAN, JOHN, Dover, perhaps s. of Thomas, m. 18 Dec. 1691,
Sarah Cromwell, was liv. in 1715. THOMAS, Dover 1648, had w.
Catharine, and sev. ch. d. as early as 1668. His will was of 14 Aug.

    FOP, DANIEL, Hingham 1635. Lincoln, Hist. 42.

    FORBAS, ALEXANDER, Charlestown, m. 29 Oct. 1674, Kate Robinson.
See Forbush.

    FORBES, ALEXANDER, Boston, a soldier in capt. Oliver's comp. k.
in the gr. battle of 19 Dec. 1675. DAVID, Hartford, s. of James, m. a.
1681, Sarah, d. of Edward Andrews, wid. of Henry Treat, or, perhaps,
her d. Sarah. JAMES, Hartford, d. 1692, leav. John, David, James,
Dorothy, Mary, and Sarah. WILLIAM, New London 1648, rem. soon.

    FORBUSH or FORBUSH, JONATHAN, Marlborough, by w. Hannah had
eight ch. rem. to Westborough, there was deac. call. Forbes; but the
name of his f. seems to have been common. writ. Farrabas.

    FORCE, BENJAMIN, Wrentham, with w. Elizabeth came from Newport, R.
I. 1690.

    FORD or FOORDE, ANDREW, Weymouth, freem. 1654, by w.
, had Samuel, b. 13 July 1656; Nathaniel, 31 Mar. 1658;
Ebenezer, 18 Mar. 1660; Silence, 13 Nov. 1661; Prudence, 22 Dec. 1663;
Jacob, 20 Feb. 1666; Elizabeth 2 Nov. 1667; Israel, 7 June 1670; and
Sarah, 28 May 1672; beside, prob. eldest, Andrew, wh. with suffix of
junr. was a propr. 1673. Prudence m. 14 June 1632, Joseph Lincoln of
; Sarah m. 1702, Joseph Josselyn. JOHN, Plymouth, one of the
"first comers," with, perhaps, his wid. mo. elder br. William, and
sis. Martha, in the Fortune 1621; and his mo. had a ch. the next night
after land. at Plymouth; but perhaps it d. soon. Of her h. wh. prob.
d. in Eng. we hear not. It has been plausib. conject. that she m.
Peter Browne. She in 1624, counted four in the div. of lands; but
perhaps she went home with s. William, for in 1627, at the div. of
cattle, only John and Martha are nam. Baylies, I. 262. But tho. a
suggest. has been thrown out, that he went to Conn. it seems more
likely that this first comer stood by the old col. had w. Hannah, and
d. at Marshfield 1693. JOHN, Haverhill 1670, was s.-in-law of Stephen
Kent. JOHN, Milford, s. of Thomas of the same, d. 6 Sept. 1711, leav.
w. without name, and ch. Elizabeth b. 1695; Sarah, 1697; Ann, 1699;
Thomas, 1702; John, 1704; Ruth, 1707; with good est. JOHN, Boston
1661, merch. MARTIN, Bradford, m. 25 Mar. 1684, Lydia Griffin.
MATTHEW, New Haven, s. of Timothy, a propr. 1685, by w. Mary,
m. 12 Jan. 1675, d. of John Brooks, had Matthew,