Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p148

Volume 2, Page 148

Marble; and Hannah, wh. m. 23 May 1689, Pasco Chubb, I suppose, were
his ds. FRANCIS, Andover, s. of the preced. m. 12 Oct. 1675, Abigail,
d. of Rev. Francis Dane; had Elizabeth wh. d. 17 Aug. 1678, and other ch.
of wh. descend. are still known among us; and d. 1732. His w. was
convict. of witchcraft, 1692, with so many other innocents, and after
sentence to d. when the delus. began to dissip. was pardon. See Hist.
Coll. of Essex Inst. I. 59. JOHN, Andover, br. of the preced. m.
19 Oct. 1682, Sarah, d. of George Abbot, had Sarah, wh. d. 1 Sept.
1689; and perhaps others, and d. 1706. THOMAS, Boston, d. 1656,
his inv. being tak. 22 July of that yr. amt. £153.09.

    FAUNCE, JOHN, Plymouth, came in the Ann 1623, prob. young, for
no w. or ch. is ment. for ten yrs. m. 1633, Patience, d. of George
Morton, had Priscilla, wh. m. Joseph Warren; Mary, wh. m. 15 July
1658, William Harlow; Patience, wh. m. 20 Nov. 1661, John Holmes;
Sarah, wh. m. 26 Feb. 1663, Edward Dotey; Thomas, b. a. 1647; Eliz. 23
Mar. 1648, d. next yr.; Mercy, 10 Apr. 1651, wh. m. 29 Dec. 1667,
Nathaniel Holmes; John, wh. d. 29 Nov. 1654, prob. young;[1] and Joseph,
14 May 1653; and d. 18 Jan. 1687. The name, Manasseh F. wh. stands
next to his in the list of passengers in the Ann, must be, without
doubt, for M. Kempton. JOSEPH, Plymouth, s. of the preced. m. 3 Jan.
1678, Judith Rickard, had Hannah, b. 12 June 1679; Mary, 2 June 1681;
John, 3 Dec. 1683; Mercy, 30 June 1686, d. in ten mos.; Mehitable, 27
May 1689; Joseph, 21 May 1693; Eliezur, 6 Feb. 1696; Thomas, 15 July
1698; and Benjamin, 17 Feb. 1703, d. 28 June foll. THOMAS, Plymouth,
br. of the preced. m. 13 Dec. 1672, Jane Nelson, had Patience, b. 7
Nov. 1673, m. 2 June 1702, Ephraim Kempton, d. 1779 aged 105 and a
half yrs.; John, 16 Sept. 1678; Martha, 16 Dec. 1680; Priscilla, 20
Aug. 1684; Thomas, 18 May 1687; Joanna, 24 June 1689; and Jane, 18
Nov. 1692; was deac. 1686, and rul. Elder 1699 to his d. 27 Feb. 1741,
when he was aged 98, or 9, by extrav. comput.

    FAVOR or FEWER, PHILIP, Salisbury, m. 1689, Mary, d. of John
Osgood, had Richard, b. 31 Mar. 1690; John, 31 Mar. 1692; and Ann, 12
Apr. 1696.

    FAWER or FOWER, BARNABAS, Dorchester, came 1635, in the James
from Bristol as comp. with Rev. Richard Mather [see Young's Chron. of
Mass. 450], was an assessor in 1638; by w. Dinah wh. came perhaps from
Eng. with him, he had other ch. but we kn. only Eleazer, b. 18 Sept.
1642. His w. d. 9 days after; and for sec. w. he took 10 Mar. 1643,
Grace, sis. of Jonathan Negoose; rem. to Boston, and d. 13 Dec. 1654;
in his will, pro. 2 Feb. foll. ord. that his s. Eleazer be brought up
at Mr. Cheever's sch. His wid. m. John Johnson of Roxbury. Great
variety is exhib. in spell. this name; the rec. of Watertown, where he
owned some ld. calls it Farr; Boston ch. rec. has it Fore; Blake's Ann.
Four; Dr. Harris, Flower; but Farmer, or his corresp. made it Hawes