Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p143

Volume 2, Page 143

Rebecca Kent, d. of Stephen of Newbury, had John, b. 1670, d. next yr.; and
David, d. 30 Nov. 1687. Perhaps he had sec. w. Mary Tyler, and by her Ann,
wh. d. 20 Apr. 1696. JOHN, Boston, m. 7 Apr. 1654, prob. as sec. w. Susanna,
d. of Thomas Arnold of Watertown, had John, b. 20 May 1655; and Jonathan, 13
Nov. 1659, freem. 1671, then of first ch. His d. Joanna m. 7 Jan. 1658, James English.
JOHN, Andover, s. of Ralph, perhaps, but not prob.[1] is he wh. m. 30 June 1693, Mary
Tyler. JONATHAN, Boston, s. of first John, was a capt. JOSEPH, Boston, freem.
1674. PETER, Killingworth, m. Hannah Wilcoxson, had seven ch. d. 14 Feb.
1704, and his wid. m. Nathaniel Royce of Wallingford. RALPH, Andover, m.
26 Oct. 1658, Eliz. d. of Nicholas Holt, had Sarah, b. 1661, wh. m. 22 Apr.
1685, Benjamin Abbot; Ralph, 1662; John, 1664; Henry, 1666, d. 7 May 1683;
Hannah, 1668; beside Thomas, Ephraim, and perhaps others earlier or
later; and d. 8 Jan. 1692. Tradit. makes him come from Wales, but I can
hardly receive it. Who was his f. I have not learned, but imagine his name
to have been Ralph, and that he was f.
of Mary, wh. m. at Andover, 20 Oct.
1650, Daniel Poor; and of Sarah, wh. m. 26 Apr. 1658, George Abbot. See
Farman. SAMUEL, Andover, perhaps br. of Ephraim, and s. of Thomas the
first, m. 4 Jan. 1698, Hannah Holt. THOMAS, Andover, prob. br. of Ralph,
and brot. with him in ch.hood by their f. m. 8 July 1660, Eliz. Sibborns, wh.
d. 26 Aug. 1683; freem. 1669, and he d. 11 Jan. 1686, aged a. 53. Thomas,
their s. d. 6 Oct. 1672. THOMAS, Andover, s. of Ralph, perhaps, or of the
preced. m. 14 May 1693, Hannah Hutchinson. Descend. of these Andover
stocks are many, usually writing the name, as did, also, John of
Dorchester, Farnham. But at the various N. E. coll. it is not easy to
adjust them.

    FARNSWORTH, JOSEPH, Dorchester, freem. 14 Mar. 1639, by w. Eliz. had
Mary, b. 30 Mar. 1637; Hannah, 14 Dec. 1638; Rebecca, 2 Jan. 1640; and Ruth,
3 June 1642; beside Joseph, Samuel, and perhaps others, by sec. w. wid.
Mary Long; was selectman 1647, and d. 12 Jan. 1660. In his will of 2 Jan.
preced. Geneal. Reg. IX. 140, provis. is made for his w. Mary and her two
ch. by former h. Joseph, and Thomas Long, for his d. Eliz. w. of John
Mansfield, d. Esther, d. Mary, w. of Abraham Ripley, Joseph, s. of
Simon Peck, by Hannah, d. of testat. dec. his eldest s. Joseph, s. Samuel,
and d. Rebecca. JOSEPH, Dorchester, perhaps eldest s. of the preced. b.
in Eng. freem. 1649. MATTHIAS, Lynn, Groton, an early propr. freem. 1670,
selectman, by w. Mary, had Joseph, b. 17 Nov. 1657, d. at 17 yrs.; Mary, 11
Oct. 1660; at L. and at G. had Samuel, 8 Oct. 1669, and prob. others, after,
or more likely bef. as Benjamin, John, Matthew, and Samuel, had fams.
there in 1691; d. 1689, aged 77. His will is of Jan. in that yr. See Butler's
Hist. 395, 6. Mary m. 11 Apr. 1676, Samuel Thatcher of