Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p139


Volume 2, Page 139

his or whether he had ch. He was drown. as an inq. held 20 Oct.
1675, shows; and admin. was gr. to his wid. Sarah, with Samuel Dunham.
WILLIAM, Plymouth, perhaps s. of Gabriel, and possib. f. of the preced. m.
16 May 1640, Martha. Beal, wh. as his wid. m. 29 June 1649, Samuel Dunham.
The name is easily confused, from likeness of double f. to cap. H with
Holloway or Halloway.

    FANE, HENRY, Boston 1648, turner, had w. Elizabeth

    FANEUIL, ANDREW, Boston, a Huguenot merch. from Amsterdam, to wh.
city he fled from his native Rochelle, rec. as inhab. of the Col. 1 Feb.
1692, as is told in note to Drake's valua. Hist. of Boston, 536, in comp.
with his brs. Benjamin and John. But some uncertainty exists, whether
either of his brs. were ever resid. in N. E. Of John, certainly, the doubt
is strong, for Sargent, in his delightful "Dealings with the Dead," 506,
asserts that he held fast to the ancient form of religion, "and liv. and
died, a Roman Catholic." In the will of Andrew, giv. him £100, he is call. of
Rochelle. xxxiii. 205. Whether he had come over, and went home in disgust
at the Puritans of N. E. be more prob. than ano. hypothesis, that his
brs. kn. there could be no harm in obtain. license for his adm. and, at
least, their desire would be as reputable to them tho. their br. took not
benefit of it, is beyond means of solution. Benjamin m. indeed, at
Kingstown, 28 July 1699, Ann Bureau, and he signed a certific. at Boston
near three yrs. bef. in favor of Gabriel Bernon's attempt. settlem. at
Oxford, in Co. Worcester, as in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. II. 60, is print. so that
he may well seem to have encourag,. that French planta if not even to
have liv. there some time; yet with many other of his countrymen he had
made New Rochelle, in the jurisdict. of New York, only 20 ms. from the
city, his proper home, and there were b. all his eleven ch. There, too, he
d. 1718, as had sev. of his inf. ch. But his eldest s. Peter, b. 20 June
1700), and Benjamin, 29 Dec. 1701, bec. merch. of distinct. at Boston.
Andrew brot. w. from Holland, but no issue is ment. and his W. d. 16 July
1724. He had adopt. Benjamin, his neph. and of course the public expecta.
was, that his uncle would bestow no small part of his prop. the largest in
N. E. upon this favorite relat. yet bef. 12 Sept. 1734, when he made his
will, he had driv. that neph. from his house, and in that instru. bequeath.
him "five shillings and no more." In that doc. with codic. of 23 Jan. 1738,
abundant est. was convey. He d. 13 Feb. foll. Between £7,000 and £9,000 he
gave to other relat. and friends, but the greater part of his wealth to
his neph. Peter, at whose d. after few yrs. all went to the disinherit.
Benjamin to be enjoy. seven times as long as the orig. devisee could.
BENJAMIN, Boston, merch. s. of Benjamin of the Province of New York, Mary
Cutler, had Benjamin, Mary, and Peter, was happily disinherit. by his uncle
Andrew, and gained longer life and good est. rem. to Cambridge