Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p131


Volume 2, Page 131

Oct. 1678, or Jan. 1679; Israel, 8 Apr. 1681; and Richard, 24 Aug. 1683;
freem. 1690, was a capt. and d. 1 Apr. 1714. His wid. Elizabeth d. June 1715; but
in one draft of a fam. geneal. that has been subm. to my inspect. the
dates of d. for h. and w. are exchang. RICHARD, Dedham, whose name is
uniform. giv. Everard, had, I presume, liv. at Watertown, there, prob. by w.
Mary, had John, rem. a. 1636 or 7, had Mary, b. 28 Sept. 1638, says the rec.
tho. it seems to me prob. that it was 1637; Samuel, 31 Mar. 1639, tho. the
rec. of the county has, absurdly, 31 Sept. as the town rec. must be false,
if it has Mary correct; Sarah, 14 Mar. 1641, d. 1 Apr. foll.; and James, 14
Mar. 1643, d. soon, as did also his mo. He m. 29 June 1643, at Springfield,
where he had some est. Mary Winch, wh. came, At the age of 15, with
Rowland Stebbins 1634, in the Francis, from Ipswich; had Sarah, again, b.
12 Apr. 1644; Abigail, 19 Nov. 1647; Israel, 14 July 1601; Ruth, 14 Jan. 1654;
and Jedediah, 11 July 1656. He d. 3 July 1682, in his will, pro. 25 of that
mo. made 12 May 1680, gave inc. of all his est. to w. Mary during wid. to ch.
Jedediah, est. in fee of 20 acres; Abigail, w. of Matthias Puffer, "the
tract of Easy Plain;" to James Mackenwithy, wh. m. his d. Mary, 7 acres
for life, remainder in fee to her ch. James, Daniel, and Mary; to
Sarah, d. of Cornelius Fisher, wh. m. 24 July 1665, his d. Sarah, 15; and
other est. equally to ch. John, Samuel, Jedediah, Abigail, and Ruth.
RICHARD, Jamaica, L. I. had d. in 1666, or earlier, for in that yr. Abraham
Smith was appoint. admor. of his est. in trust for his childr. These ch.
are not nam. Thompson, in 1656, calls him Evert; yet in 1686 he names at
Jamaica, John Everit, perhaps one of them. SAMUEL, Dedham, s. of first
Richard, m. 28 May 1669, Mary, d. of Robert Pepper, had Judith,
b. 10 Feb. 1670, d. soon; Judith, again, 12 Mar. 1672; Samuel, 7 Oct. 1681; Isaac,
25 May 1685; Mary, 24 May 1688; and Benjamin, 20 Mar. 1693; was freem.
1690; and d. 26 June 1718. WILLIAM, Kittery 1640, whose name may be Averitt,
under govern. by Gorges patent, allow. to keep an ordinary 1649, was adm.
freem. of Mass. 1652, when, perhaps, he was of Dover, d. at sea 1674. Ten
of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at H. C. and ten at the other N. E. coll.

    EVERILL, ABIEL, Boston, m. 6 July 1655, Elizabeth d. of Lieut. William
Phillips, had James, b. 4 Apr. 1656; and d. early, for his wid. m. 1 Apr. 1660,
prob. as sec. w. John Alden, jr. JAMES, Boston, was adm. with w. Elizabeth of the
cb. 20 July 1634, freem. 3 Sept. foll. had Ezekiel, bapt. 15 May 1636;
Coneniah, 4 Nov. 1638, if the name on rec. be credible; and Elizabeth 3 Oct.
1641; beside Ann or Hannah, older than either, wh. was, prob. b. in Eng. and
m. William Blanchard, but after his d. m. George Manning; was in good
esteem, often one of the selectmen, d.