Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p74


Volume 1, Page 74

1665; John, 15 Dec. 1666, d. young; Nathaniel, 25 Dec. 1667; Joseph,
4 Mar. 1669; Thomas, 19 June 1671; John, again, 6 Aug. 1674; Mercy,
24 Nov. 1676; and Samuel, again, 25 June 1679. JAMES, Roxbury,
had been of Braintree, was a soldier in the Narranset bloody campaign,
of Dec. 1675, by w. Margaret had James, b. Feb. 1683, d. at 1
yr.; James, again, 31 Mar. 1684; and no more is heard of him. JOSEPH,
Eastham, s. of Henry, by w. Martha had Joseph, b. 9 Dec. 1701; Martha,
9 Nov. 1711; Ann, 12 Dec. 1713; Paul, 11 Aug. 1716; James, 25
Dec. 1718; John, 18 Jan. 1721; Uriah, 7 Sept. 1722; and Hannah, 4
Apr. 1725. MATTHEW, Boston, freem. 1673, in Col. Rec. call. of sec. ch.
at the date of Oct. tho. the ch. list gives him not until Dec. NATHANIEL,
Eastham, s. of Henry, had Nathaniel, b. 21 Nov. 1694; Henry, 2 Aug.
1696; Bethia, 4 May 1698; Joshua, Apr. 1702; Isaiah, 24 Feb. 1704;
and Elizabeth 4 Jan. 1709. THOMAS, Boston, carpenter, by w. Mary had
Elizabeth b. 30 Dec. 1672; Thomas, 26 Feb. 1674; and m. for sec. 11 Aug. 1687,
wid. Abigail Jones had Abigail, 3 June 1688; and Richard, 12 Oct. 1689. In
1676 he was made capt. of the first fire engine introd. into the town. THOMAS,
Hartford. See Adkins. TOBIAS, Boston, by w. Ann had Ann, b. 2 July
1684; and Eliphal, 4 Dec. 1688. By m. of a d. Catharine, of Gov. Joseph
Dudley with Joseph Atkins, the name of Dudley A. has long been
perpet. as at Harv. Coll. 1748, 1784, and 1816, the sec. in the list, wh.
took in addit. the name of Tyn, from an earlier ancest. was a disting. gentleman
at Newburyport and Boston. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. II. 280.

    ATKINSON, ADKINSON or ATKESON, JOHN, Newbury, s. of the first
Theodore, was a hatter, m. 27 Apr. 1664, Sarah Mirick, had Sarah, b.
27 Nov. 1665; John; Thomas, 27 Dec. 1669, wh. may be well rec.
as H. C. 1691, whose d. is not mark. in the catal. but Coffin foll.
Mather, makes it bef. 1699; Theodore, 23 Jan. 1672, drown. at 13 yrs.;
Abigail, 8 Nov. 1673; Samuel, 16 Jan. 1676; Nathaniel, 29 Nov. 1677;
Elizabeth 20 June 1680; and Joseph, 1 May 1682. JOSEPH, Exeter,in
Geneal. Reg. VIII. 77, said to have been adm. freem. 14 July 1657, at
that place; upon wh. arises the quest. by what authority was he adm.
and no more can, I think, be told. LUKE, New Haven, of the earliest
sett. sign. the compact 1639, bef. 1643 is count. with fam. of four, m. 1
May 1651, prob. as sec. w. Mary, d. of Richard Platt of Milford, had
Mary, b. 1652; Hannah, 1653; and Sarah, 1655; rem. next yr. whither
is unkn. perhaps to Middletown, for there his wid. m. 3 Jan. 1667, Thomas
Whitmore, or Wetmore, and bore him two ch. nam. in his will by their gr.f.
Platt in 1683. MARMADUKE, Scituate, m. 1670, Mary, d. of Edward Jenkins,
and in 1674 she obt. divorce for his desert. Deane THEODORE, Boston,
1634, feltmaker, came, in the employm. of John Newgate, from Bury
in Co. Lancaster, join. the ch. 11 Jan. 1635, freem. 18 May 1642, by